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The importance of using access control in the workplace

Author: huifan   Time: 2022-02-28

If you have heard of what access control is, but want to know exactly what it is and why it is so important and what benefits it can bring to us in our lives. In the following article we will explain this to you. Read on!
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What is the definition of access control?
OUR Sroty
Why do we pay so much attention to access control access systems?
How can access control help a company?
What is an access control system and how does it work?
What are the benefits of access control?
Who uses access control systems?
Find the right system with Huifan Technology

What is the definition of access control?

An access control system is literally a system that controls a user's access to certain places by controlling their privileges.
The user may be an employee of the organization or a visitor to the organization, and access may be by foot, car, or other means of access. Therefore, access control is a form of security that improves security by controlling user access to a building or site under specific conditions.
HFSecurity Traditional assess control vs face recognition access control
In short, access control is a way to provide quick and easy access to authorized staff and visitors, while also prohibiting unauthorized access to your workplace.
Access control is the way to go when it comes to protecting your workplace and its occupants. But there are countless ways to control access for your staff and visitors, which is why it can be difficult to decide to implement any of them. 
Especially if you've ever experienced the hassle of having key cards that randomly don't work or having to wait in line to sign a paper sign-in sheet.
However, every company and workplace is different, and what works for your competitors may not work for you.
But the one thing we can be absolutely sure of is this. Access control is what every workplace needs. Access controls prevent break-ins, help you keep track of your valuables, and generally allow you to keep a close eye on your workplace.
Types of access control systems include access cards, key cards, face recognition, fingerprints, keys, etc. to authorize users to access specific areas of a site

The most common types of access control.

  1. Password or passcode 

  2. Mobile applications with QR codes 

  3. Biometrics (facial recognition or fingerprints)

  4. Physical cards that can be swiped or scanned in

OUR Sroty

This is a real-life story told by one of our clients, alex (pseudonym), who is the head of a technology company that holds the vast majority of the technology information, code cases, and solution integrations in the industry. This information is the basis of their survival. Different users have different access rights. Intern employees can only access the internship area, managers and above are able to access one more layer of access, and cleaning staff have to access various public areas of the company. They have tried different identification schemes before, setting different passwords for different areas, but because of the many passwords, many employees forget their passwords and thus have to keep resetting them all the time, which adds a lot of work.
Although swipe card avoids the problem of setting passwords, but the permission of the card can't do every permission in every area, and the cleaners still have to open the attendance in doing one more step.
Green Pass Face Recognition Access Control Device
They searched for access control system solutions on Google and found our company (Huifan)
For alex's specific needs, we took our company's RA08T facial recognition access control attendance system.

The reason why this machine was chosen for alex

  1. Can solve the customer's six major pain points

  2. Access control settings for different areas

  3. Fast and convenient attendance punching

  4. Set up scheduling, export attendance information and issue payroll

  5. Face recognition time and attendance, reject photo and video card punching

  6. Fast temperature recognition, pass in one second

  7. Personnel tracking for easy inquiry

These parameters are based on Alex's needs, if you want to know more about them and customize an face recognition access control system for your company that suits your payroll, you are always welcome to contact us!

Why do we pay so much attention to access control access systems?

face recognition access control china device
It's simple; you should care about access control because it adds an extra layer of security to your workplace and allows you to comply with any security regulations set by your company or your city. 
Let's take a look at how biometric access control systems can help your company improve security

How can access control help a company?

Each form of authentication has countless benefits, mainly because they all provide you with the opportunity to turn off your employees' access credentials when they leave your company.
Access control systems have proven to be very useful security tools because they provide you with an unparalleled amount of data that you can use to understand your company and its employees and visitors.
This includes techniques for identifying individuals seeking access to your office or restricted areas and only allowing access to areas that align with their permissions.
In addition, if your workplace is still using security guards and receptionists to grant access, a cloud-based access control system can speed up access and contact emergency services when needed. 
In addition to controlling access to your workplace and establishing access levels for your workplace areas, you can use it to authenticate visitors and cross-reference them with your database. 

Meet Access Control for Facial Recognition Access Control

With Huifan HF Series access control, you can add another layer of security to your workplace. With our access control solution, visitors receive a personalized verification message on their cell phone or email. This verification message may be an SMS, QR code or a link, this meets your needs. 
Then, once your visitor arrives at your workplace, they can scan their QR code to be granted access to the workplace and the QR code will then automatically expire after a specified time of your choosing, referred to as the visitor code.

What is an access control system and how does it work?

An access control system allows or restricts access to a building, room or other designated area. It is an electronically driven form of physical security that is used to manage who has access to a location at a specific time.

User Experience

Employees who want to access an access-controlled location present their credentials. Credentials can be physical, such as an access control key card, or digital, such as information on a mobile device. A person sends an unlock request at a card reader, which then sends the information to the access control unit, which then authorizes the user and triggers the door to unlock.
gym face recognition access control system hfsecurity factory

System administrator experience

In terms of administration, the access control system has an administrative dashboard or portal. The control portal allows the office administrator, IT manager or security officer to specify who has access to the premises and under what conditions. Managers can create settings based on shifts, time of day, employee rank or position, etc. The system may also include a physical component, such as a card programming machine.

System Infrastructure

The access control system infrastructure includes electric locks, card readers, door status for monitoring traffic and requesting exit devices, all of which report to the control panel and server:.

Electric locks: 

fail-safe locks, which lock when energized, and fail-safe locks, which unlock when energized. Fail-safe locks are required for doors on fire escape routes. Fail-safe doors are used in rooms that need protection in the event of a power outage, such as IT offices. Fail-safe doors still require actuators so that people can exit but not re-enter in an emergency.

Access to control panels: 

Control panels are typically set up in secure locations, such as IT rooms or electrical cabinets. Whenever someone's credentials are scanned, a signal is sent to that control panel, which then sends authorization to unlock the door. 

Access Control Server: 

The server stores data and permissions for accessing the control system. The system decides to unlock a door for a specific user and keeps track of data on who enters and when. The server can exist on a dedicated computer, a cloud-based service, or in the reader itself.

What are the benefits of access control?

No matter how large a business is, their number one priority is to keep their employees safe and their company secure If you use confidential information or expensive equipment, protecting your business assets is critical to success. Access control systems can allow your 10 employees or 10,000 employees to get to where they are allowed or can be accessed, and can also allow or deny access.
Access control systems can make your employees' lives easier, save you money and keep your workplace safe. Whether you're a business owner weighing the pros and cons of access control systems or an administrator looking for a reason to get one, this guide has the answer.

Move away from traditional keys

Access control systems eliminate the drawbacks to traditional keys, which are often lost or misplaced, and this can create a potential security key. If there are multiple rooms in a unit and each building has different access rights, each person would need to have multiple access keys, which would be a very unwieldy solution to carry and use, but an access control solution eliminates this drawback

Track access paths

An access control system can track who enters and leaves your premises by letting you know who is where and when, and that everyone is working where they are supposed to be. This also means that if an accident, incident or theft occurs, you will be able to pinpoint exactly who was in that area or space at that particular time.

Keep employees personally safe

Access control systems can protect your employees and visitors by blocking unwanted visitors and unauthorized personnel from entering your premises. If someone without access privileges tries to enter the building, they will not be able to do so, which significantly improves site security and the safety of your employees and visitors.

Reduce operational costs

Reducing operational costs is another benefit of an access control system。 This is because there is no need to replace and provide keys, locks and hire security personnel to secure your site. This is especially important for large companies that may have thousands of employees and multiple floors and buildings. Instead, you will need to install an access control system that can also be integrated with other systems such as lighting, heating and appliances, which can be turned off when the room or building is not in use, saving on energy costs.

Reduce theft

By controlling access to the building, unauthorized individuals will not be able to enter, meaning it will be more difficult for intruders to gain access and commit theft.
Improved employee experience
Employees will not only feel safer on site, but they will have a better employee experience. They will be able to easily access different areas of the workplace without having to rely on others or security personnel to open and close buildings and rooms. This will give them greater flexibility in the way they work and will improve their overall employee satisfaction.
Therefore, access control systems have several benefits and their importance is key to maintaining a secure environment.

Who uses access control systems?

Access control systems simplify security in a number of ways. Therefore, anyone with security needs can benefit from an access control system. Typically, in leased office space, the landlord controls access to the building itself, while the tenant manages access control for their area. There are a variety of industries that can benefit from an access control system, such as

Health Care

Those in the healthcare industry use access control systems to comply with HIPPA mandates for health data confidentiality. Physician offices, insurance companies and hospitals all use access control systems to protect patients. Access control systems can help keep digital data secure by protecting IT rooms and even equipment racks from unauthorized access. It can also protect equipment such as physical files, exam rooms and MRI machines.
If you store chemicals or biomedical waste, an access control system can protect untrained individuals from harm.


For local and state governments, security is a top priority. Government buildings are subject to homeland security regulations, which can mean restricted access. Access control systems can verify employees and restrict access to departments, classified information, etc., while maintaining public access to other areas.
Any business that accepts and processes credit cards must comply with PCI credit card data regulations. Access control systems can also restrict access to IT rooms and servers. They can track who accesses certain data and when, further protecting information. 


Security is an imperative and urgent task when it comes to local and state governments. Access control systems make managing entry points a breeze. Access controls can keep students out of faculty parking lots, unauthorized individuals out of dorms, and more. If you have lab equipment or expensive computers, access control systems can be programmed to ensure that only those enrolled in the appropriate courses have access to these areas.
Eduction use face recognition access control system

Worship Centers

Balancing security and accessibility can be difficult in sanctuaries and spiritual centers where all are welcome. Access control makes it easy by keeping doors open during services and locked at other times. Churches, temples, synagogues and mosques can track staff access. They can also secure areas such as schools, daycare centers and offices, while keeping the rest of the facility open to all.

Small and medium-sized businesses

Key card and access control systems are not only for large companies with thousands of employees. Small and medium-sized businesses can also benefit from using access control systems. Access control is scalable, so small businesses can find a solution that fits their size and budget.
The right access control security system will be user-friendly, so you can protect your business without a security or technical background. 

Find the right system with Huifan Technology

Access control solutions give you complete control over who enters your business. You simply assign unique key cards, PINs, access cards or biometric indicators to employees based on their individual security clearance.
We help you find the right security solution for your needs, size and budget. An access control system is a great solution for security needs that can operate on its own or as part of a physical security network. With over 16 years of service experience, we have the expertise to deliver reliable security solutions.
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