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The growth path of biometric devices

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-12-04

Biometric devices have been used by man over a long period of time. Non-automated biometric devices have used us since 500 BC  as it was seen that Babylonian business transactions were recorded on clay tablets that included fingerprints. Automation in Biometric devices was first seen in the 1960s.The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the 1960s, introduced the Indentimat, which started checking for fingerprints to maintain criminal records. The first systems measured the shape of the hand and the length of the fingers. Although discontinued in the 1980s, the system set a precedent for future Biometric Devices.
Many biometric devices have appeared today, such as fingerprint biometric devices, palm geometry biometric devices, iris biometric devices, retinal biometric devices, facial biometric devices, signature biometric devices, voice biometric devices, handheld biometric devices Terminal identification equipment, etc., but some of the high-tech biometrics are still in the experimental stage. We believe that with the rapid progress of science and technology, more and more biometric identification devices will be applied to real life.
All biometric devices need to be continuously improved to be more accurate and reliable. Since biometric technology has been widely accepted, it will enter more areas of our lives
Here is a brief list of the types of biometric devices
Fingerprint Scanner Biometric Device
HF7000 Biometric Device for android mobile fingerprint scanner
HF7000 Fingerprint Scanner Biometric Device
HF7000 is a biometric device for android mobile bluetooth fingerprint reader in the world, HFSecurity's patent product. It aims to solve the connection problem in the use of traditional fingerprint reader and make it more convenient to use. Also supports Android, Windows, IOS, Linux. As one of our best selling fingerprint scanners, it has been widely used for elections, telecom, banking, e-ID, e-passport, etc.
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
HF4000 Optical Fingerprint Scanner Biometric Devices
HF4000 is USB fingerprint scanner with optical sensor. It meet ISO19794-2/ANSI378 international standard, supports Android, Windows, Linux operating systems. It is widely used for registration & verification for different industries, like telecom, bank, e-heath, logistic, employee attendance etc.
HF4000 Optical Fingerprint Scanner
HF4000Plus Bluetooth Optical Fingerprint Scanner
HF4000 Plus is a compact size, portable Bluetooth & USB fingerprint scanner, with built-in rechargeable lithium battery, USB interface charging and communication port. Which provides hardware-based fingerprint matching and storage capabilities. It supports multiple systems ( IOS, Windows, Linux, Android) to meet different needs and has both ISO, ANSI international standard format. As economic equipment, it is very suitable for occasions with cost-effective requirements.
Facial Recognition Biometric Device
RA05 is the new live face scan device, It can detect and track 5 persons simultaneously shown on the screen, and with flexible detecting distance from 0.5 meter to 4 meters. It can work good under sunlight and at dark night. The device with free API document, customer can develop own software and upload data to server. Meanwhile we offer complete free software, available for attendance and access control.
RA05 Facial Recognition Biometric Device
RA05 Facial Recognition Biometric Device
RA07 is  HFSecurity newest 7 inch dynamic facial live scan time attendance access control with Android 8.1 OS, supports Ethernet and WIFI connection. It can detect 5 moving persons at 4 meters within 0.7 seconds, IP54 level, work outdoor and mainly be designed for turnstile system.
RA07 Facial Recognition Biometric Device
RA07 Facial Biometric Device
RA08 Facial Recognition Biometric Device
RA08 is HFSecurity newest 8inch dynamic dual face live scan time attendance access control with Android 8.1 OS,supports Ethernet and WIFIconnection.It can detect 5 moving persons at 4 meters within 0.7 seconds,IP64 level,work outdoor and mainly be designed for turnstile system.
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
HF-A5 is one of best selling Android time attendance and access control device in HFSecurity. 5" touch screen, communication by Ethernet, 3G,WIFI and bluetooth, with fingerprint and RFID card recognition. You can check real time data in software, also we will offer free SDK for further development and 3rd part access control door lock function. It's widely use for company, government, banking, education, etc.
HF-A5 Facial Time Attendance Biometri Device Manufacturer
Handheld Biometric Devices Terminal
FP05 is one of HFSecurity's best selling Android fingerprint handheld terminal. It is Android 7.0 based and with 4G communication. Has been widely used for e-government, banking, telecom, NGO associations, education, etc. The fingerprint sensor is ISO 19794-2 and ANSI 378 standard, compatible with most Biometric national databases. Open free SDK for integration
FP05 Handheld Biometric Devices Terminal
FP08 Android Handheld Biometric Device Manufacturer
HF-FP07 is one 7 inch touch screen fingerprint Android tablet, easy to operate. It supports 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth communication, suitable for portable applications. Its fingerprint sensor is FAP10 FBI certified, with high-quality fingerprint template and image. It has been integrated with many national Biometric database for e-government, telecom, election, etc.
Fp07 Handheld Biometric Devices Terminal
FP07 Android Handheld Biometric Device factory
With the rapid growth of the security market and the continuous rise of new technologies and new business models, biometrics still have immeasurable prospects. It is believed that new biometric devices will emerge in the future. Being able to "fly into the homes of ordinary people" provides safer and more convenient services for everyone's daily life.
In recent years, with the advancement of technology, the demand for English in internal control management and customer authentication of financial fields such as banking will become more urgent, showing a rising trend year by year. The main application areas of face recognition equipment are in monitoring, such as the security of the Olympic Games. Iris recognition devices are also used in various fields.
As a rising industry in the 21st century, biometric identification equipment has begun to enter all aspects of people's lives. Its development trend will be various networked, non-contact, multi-modal biometric identification technologies. The development of these technologies will inevitably Take the development of biometric identification equipment to a new height, and bring people's lives into a new world.
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