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The era of universal facial recognition has arrived

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-10-26

At present, face recognition technology has made certain progress, and has gradually achieved initial applications in various industries. Among them, identity verification, payment, administrative case solving, etc. are particularly prominent. It has begun to become popular in the market and has entered the era of facial recognition. Most people are interested in emerging technologies. Still maintaining an open and accepting attitude, so more and more people respond to trends and experience use.
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Faces are unique, so face recognition temperature device is the most commonly used method of identity recognition. Secondly, face pictures can provide us with information about a person’s gender, age, and so on. In fact, we perform in identifying faces. The talents come out are amazing. It is easy and easy to recognize familiar and strange people based on faces. However, it is a very difficult problem for computers to recognize faces, and there are still many difficulties.
Although china face recognition technology is not adopted in many places abroad, when the facial recognition  and face recognition verification terminal can actually improve the efficiency of security, most people still cannot escape the "law of true fragrance."
Recently, the US Customs and Border Protection announced that it will use facial recognition verification terminals to verify the identities of flight passengers, using some inefficient human identities. As early as 2017, the President of the United States issued an executive order requiring all passengers to undergo facial recognition verification at the 20 busiest airports in the United States. The authorities believe that the face recognition verification terminal can not only reduce the workload, but also reduce the chance of error.
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Face recognition identity verification terminals are widely used in China, but the accuracy of face recognition is involved in the United States. Some people in the industry believe that most Chinese people are Asian faces, and the difficulty of face recognition and independent learning is not great. The United States is a melting pot country, with people of different races and skin colors. It must be accurately based on facial recognition and identity verification. It is more difficult to recognize facial recognition algorithms and facial recognition verification terminals.
The US Customs said that more than 53 million passengers have used face recognition for identity verification and have successfully prevented nearly 300 people from entering the United States illegally.
Not only are facial identity verification terminals used in customs, airport high-speed rail stations, and stations, but in schools, facial identity verification terminals also play an important role in campuses. For freshmen from a university in Shanxi to register in Japan and China, the school uses facial identity verification terminals for student registration procedures.
The face identity verification terminal can complete the four major processes for school registration, including checking the authenticity of the student’s ID card, verifying the ID number, whether the student’s photo is the person who is registered, and whether the ID name matches the student’s name in the school’s student registration file.
Students only need to swipe their faces on the face recognition verification terminal to complete the identity verification, reducing the problem of fraudulent use of student cards in the past. At the same time, the information is digitalized and platformed through the face recognition verification terminal. Conducive to school management, understand student trends, do a good job in campus security work, and ensure student safety.
Not only that, the face recognition verification terminal is used on campus, and it can also be used for campus entrance and exit restrictions, examination room identity verification, class attendance, dormitory and bedroom entry and exit registration records, and book borrowing functions.
According to Agence France-Presse, from 2021, millions of Singaporeans will have access to government agencies, banking services and other services through fast facial recognition. The developer said that this biometric application will enable people to perform many daily tasks without having to remember passwords or security dogs.
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This is part of the promotion and application of advanced technologies in Singapore, from increasing the use of electronic payments to research on driverless transportation.
Kwok Quek Sin, responsible for digital identification, said: “We hope to innovate in applied technology to benefit our citizens and businesses.”
Face recognition has been adopted in various forms around the world, and Apple and Google have adopted this technology in tasks such as unlocking mobile phones and making payments.
Governments of various countries have also deployed the system at airports to conduct security checks on passengers. But Singapore is the first country to apply facial recognition verification nationwide.
Lee Sea Lin of Toppan Ecquaria, a digital consulting firm that cooperated with GovTech to implement this technology, said that security measures ensure the safety of this process.
Lin said: "We want to make sure that the person behind the phone is a real person...not an image or a video."
The technology is being integrated into Singapore's digital identity authentication system and is currently being piloted by some government agencies, including tax authorities and urban pension funds. Private companies can also go to register.
At present, face recognition technology has been applied in various industries and fields of our country. Face recognition technology is a revolutionary but also a controversial emerging technology. Its significant advantages are well recognized and favored by people. It is not "perfect" either. With the current technology, there are still many loopholes. The Internet also spreads many ways to bypass and break the face recognition system. So which industries are currently more vulnerable to attacks?
Which industries are vulnerable to attack?

1. Public safety

There is no doubt that facial recognition technology was originally used in professional fields, and law enforcement agencies implemented the idea of ​​involving facial recognition networks to identify criminals on city streets.

2. Bank business

Equipped with biometric technology, ATMs can identify cardholders, better protect transactions, and prevent fraud.
3. search engine
Internet image search engines are based on face recognition technology, and its technical principles are applied to social networks.

4. Self payment

Facial recognition technology makes the payment process easier, such as mobile phone face payment, supermarket chain store face payment and so on.
5. Clearance inspection
Airports, customs and other customs clearance places use face recognition technology, which can effectively ease customs clearance due to crowds and improve management efficiency.

6. Smart home

Nowadays, most smart home solutions use face recognition technology as a biometric system to check whether a person can enter the scene, usually in conjunction with security subsystems such as access control, elevator control, and video surveillance to form a complete solution.
There are currently two different types of attack methods. The first is to use various forms of disguise to deceive camera surveillance equipment, and the second is more complex, updating the face and bypassing the biometric system.
Whether it is the industries described above or other industries, they are actually closely related to our lives. In applying the empowerment of face recognition technology to provide our lives with an intelligent, safe, convenient and efficient experience, we must also prevent malicious attacks and protect individuals. Information and privacy security.
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