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The change of fingerprint identification technology has promoted the upgrading and upgrading of other existing industries

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-11-21

In recent years, with the rapid deployment of the full-screen mobile phone form, the fingerprint recognition under the screen has become indispensable for a while, and it is hot. Among the commonly used biometric technologies, fingerprint recognition is considered to be the most popular. According to the survey, 60% of users said they like fingerprint unlocking because they are fast and safe. Another 9% of users like to screen their fingerprints, but basically they still unlock fingerprints. According to Deloitte's global forecast, active devices equipped with fingerprint readers will exceed 1 billion for the first time in early 2017. At the end of 2017, about 40% of all smartphones in developed countries will be equipped with fingerprint readers.
fingerprint recognition technology
Fingerprint recognition technology is constantly updated and more reliable
Now, the frequency of using our smartphones is very frequent. Many users open and unlock more than 100 times a day. If you want to enter a 4-digit password or draw more than 4 points after so many screens every day. Graphical passwords, which is undoubtedly a small amount of work, the addition of fingerprint unlocking will undoubtedly provide more convenience for users to use their smartphones.
As we all know, fingerprint is a unique feature of the human body, it is extremely difficult to be cracked, so Android fingerprint scanner recognition technology has become one of the most secure biometrics. Of course, technologies such as iris recognition and retina recognition are also highly secure, but limiting the use of the technology, coupled with its high cost, has become an obstacle to the promotion of mobile phones. In contrast, fingerprint recognition technology is more freely free, coupled with the relatively low application cost and small space occupation of the technology, making it the best choice for unlocking mobile phones.
china android fingerprint scanner manufacturer
 Android  Handheld Terminal with Fingerprint scanner
Compared with the difficulties encountered in voice recognition, face recognition, etc., the advantages of Android fingerprint scanner recognition gradually emerged, not only in the dark environment, but also during the user's walking, even if sitting There is no problem with the rear seat of a car driving at high speed on a bumpy road.
Although the reliability of fingerprint recognition has been questioned, especially the ability to detect fake fingerprints, it is challenged from 2017 onwards. Relatively early fingerprint readers were more susceptible to spoofing. In fact, it is unrealistic to capture a fingerprint that can be used to deceive the recognizer on a mobile phone that has been used for two years, requiring a certain degree of cooperation from the target victim. To create a copy of the fingerprint, you need to put the victim's finger in the dental impression paste or wood glue for a few minutes and then make a model. This kind of deception can make a great show at a trade show, but it is unlikely to appear in real life.
The latest fingerprint reader uses ultrasound technology to capture detailed images of fingerprints, and spoofing is hard to come by. They can even judge whether a real finger or a model 11 is being identified. Another advantage of ultrasonic sensors is that they can also be used in wet conditions. Traditional identifiers are configured with capacitive sensors, and water on the surface of the fingers may cause the sensor to fail. The ultrasound fingerprint reader reads 3D images created by ultrasound and is not affected by water. Therefore, the hand can be operated in a dry and wet state.
Fingerprint recognition is not isolated in other industries and is also affected.
The Bluetooth fingerprint scanner identification industry is not an isolated industry, and its growth and development will inevitably affect and promote the upgrading and upgrading of other existing industries.
china bluetooth fingerprint scanner manufacturer
Note:This compact Bluetooth fingerprint set combines NFC, Bluetooth, and fingerprints, and has been certified by the FBI. Let's test his security.
1. The fingerprint identification industry has injected new vitality elements into the increasingly homogenized PC peripheral equipment and IT digital storage equipment industry. At the current manufacturing cost of optical mouse 2~3 US dollars, no matter whether it is a manufacturing enterprise or a sales enterprise, there is not much room for compression cost and profit, and the cost has dropped to DEADLINE. The U disk is used as an example in the mobile storage market. After years of stumbling, the price of the main cost FLASH has been bottomed out. The U disk design is similar, and U disk manufacturers relying on the “big trend” need to find new profit growth points. Introducing mature fingerprint recognition technology into this market, and clever integration with PC peripherals and mobile storage devices, adding a new security theme to the digital product market. Siemens IDMouse fingerprint mouse, SONY fingerprint memory stick are safe trend guides. This aspect has brought new differentiation elements to this market. On the one hand, it has re-shuffled this market and created new market leaders to create opportunities. People who are consumers also enjoy a new experience of safe and convenient data manipulation.
fingerprint in Nigeria Tax Registration
fingerprint in Nigeria Tax Registration
2. Second, inject fresh blood into the weak management software to improve the security level. A basic function of management software is to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the enterprise information platform. The security of the management software itself, as well as the security of the traffic carried by the software, has become an issue of increasing concern. Not only network security, external intrusions, but also the security of internal legal access are the focus of CIOs. In 2005, “identity management” became one of the top five keywords in the management software market, and in the year-end and the beginning of the year, CA, Hewlett-Packard and IBM jointly launched the identification and management market, which attracted the attention of the industry. CA acquires Netegrity to further improve its eTrust identity and access management product system. HP officially integrates identity management solutions in OpenView. IBM announced the acquisition of identity software vendor SRD to continue to expand its information management software family. BMC is $33 million. Cash acquires Calendra to strengthen the power of its products in identity management. All of this is proof that identity management applications in management software are coming to the fore! The most thorough ID (identity) management is inseparable from the support of biometric technology, and enterprises need “trusted identity management” technology, which is the consensus of all identity management software providers. For example, the SSO (single sign-on) function in CA's eTrust has integrated the biometric security certification framework of the well-known biometric application provider SAFLINK, which can provide biometric software based on fingerprints and irises. The use of mature fingerprint recognition technology in hot identity management software has undoubtedly improved the security of enterprise management.
HF7000 fingerprint scanner in Meezan Bank
HF7000 fingerprint scanner in Meezan Bank
3. Provide trusted identification for e-commerce and e-government, construct an honest environment for electronic transactions, and promote the popularization and development of e-commerce. The common problem facing eBay and Taobao is the issue of integrity. Fraudulent transactions and repudiation transactions are the main evils at present. The non-repudiation of biometrics is one of the key technologies to solve this problem. Establish a credit identity archive for both parties to the transaction, and use the fingerprint to completely identify the trader. Whether it changes the user name or the identity number, the real identity can be confirmed, so that a long-term continuous integrity record can be established to ensure the normal and reliable transaction behavior. .
4. Bring new payment methods for purchasing goods. According to the survey of authoritative departments, the average number of cards (bank cards) per person is 4 to 5, and the number of cards is up to 10. Setting a different password for each card, but not good memory, setting the same password, there are security risks. A supermarket in the northern part of Germany called the city of Rilzheim has a new payment method for fingerprint checkout. “No money” can also buy things, which is very convenient for customers. Mobile payment is a hot topic in mobile value-added services launched two years ago, but it still stays on micropayments. There is no substantial breakthrough in business applications, and it has nothing to do with identity authentication.
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
5. Bring safer and more intelligent functions to traditional security products. By applying fingerprint recognition technology to fingerprint access control, fingerprint insurance frame, fingerprint clearance equipment, kindergarten shuttle system, etc., the high-tech content of security products can be greatly improved to meet the security and intelligent security needs.
Conclusion: At present, although the biometric function is already very high in security, his uniqueness and immutability make it face greater security problems. In the event of information leakage, the loss to the user. It is also huge. With the continuous iteration of technology, with the support of new technologies, the security performance of fingerprint recognition is getting better and better, more reliable, and it is also very popular for users. Fingerprint recognition is not only independent. Its security is related to many industries. The introduction of fingerprint recognition is a new experience for them. The continuous development of fingerprint recognition is also promoting the upgrading and upgrading of other industries. 
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