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The biometrics market is playing a war of their own

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-11-19

China's biometric technology started in the early 1990s, from the initial dozens of product and system suppliers to hundreds of coverage fingerprinting, face recognition, vein recognition, palm recognition, iris recognition, voice recognition, In the bio-enterprise of gait recognition and even DNA identification technology, the development of China's biometrics market for 20 years can be described as leaps and bounds.
After 20 years of development in the early 1990s, domestic biometrics technology has begun to take shape in application, and due to its huge social benefits and user needs, it has already attracted the attention of the domestic security industry. However, at present, domestic biometric identification applications mainly focus on access control, attendance and other aspects. Many people think that the application of too small a size will cause the biometric identification vendors to compete fiercely. The bio-market will become a red sea. In fact, each biometric identification manufacturer is in the access control. In the markets of finance, safe production, entry and exit inspection, attendance and other markets, we have found a market segment suitable for our own technological advantages and product positioning, and opened up our own blue ocean.
But in the application model, more and more people find that the target markets between different branches of biometrics are highly coincident. It is understood that biometric identification accounts for more than 85% of biometric applications in access control, attendance, entry and exit management, and many applications such as justice, social security, medical care, education, immigration management, and safes. There are very few shares. Many people in the industry believe that the narrow application scope will make biometric competition fierce. Domestic biometric identification manufacturers will attack other biometric technologies and seize other identification technology markets according to their different identification technologies. The biometric identification market will gradually become the “Red Sea”. "What is the real situation?"
Fingerprint recognition accurately locates the civilian market
china wireless fingerpirnt scanner manufacturer
At present, fingerprint recognition in China is long due to its long development time and rapid development. After years of marketing and application, fingerprint identification has mature products in terms of access control, attendance, safe deposit box and identity authentication. Other identification technologies are low, easier to promote and accepted by users, so the current domestic fingerprint recognition application accounts for about 90% of the total biometric application market share.
Ingersoll Rand security technology manager Li Jian said: "Fingerprint identification technology has developed to the present technology is relatively mature, its cost is also reduced, the volume is getting smaller and smaller, but in the case of severe fingerprint damage or dirty, it is difficult to identify, in addition There are still problems in the collection, copying, etc." For the problem of fingerprint copying, many biometrics believe that the copying of fingerprints is only a problem caused by a certain fingerprint collection method. If it is a high-tech acquisition method such as ultrasonic acquisition, fingerprint copying The problem will be solved, but the relative cost of fingerprint collection will increase exponentially.
At present, fingerprint recognition is mainly faced with the problem of general recognition rate. In daily life, some people's fingerprints cannot be collected. There are both congenital problems and long-term labor or illness. “Through our survey, this ratio is probably between one thousandth and three thousandths, which is larger than expected.” Mike, CEO of Chongqing Huifan Technology Co., Ltd. said, “This means that in a need In applications with large acquisition bases, the number of fingerprints that can not be collected will be very large. This factor limits the application of fingerprint recognition in large-scale systems for the public.” At the same time, fingerprint recognition is not a contact-based identification method. Suitable for applications such as hospitals.
Therefore, fingerprint recognition is more widely used in the civil service of small and medium-sized enterprises for access control, attendance and identity authentication and cabinet locks, computer mobile phone authentication, etc., and with the increasing emphasis on personal life and property security and privacy. , access to a wide range of applications. At present, cloud computing has begun to enter the product promotion stage. How to ensure the data security of cloud computing has become the focus of people's attention. Guo Haibing, the product of secure payment and trusted computing, said that by combining the fingerprint product Biokey and its own technology, the company realized that the terminal uses the pre-allocated IP address of the LAN to access, and the server does not change the LAN topology and configuration information during deployment. Remote and mobile terminals maintain the requirements of IP address preset applications, etc., and provide security authentication applications for remote and mobile security access in environments such as private networks and the Internet.
Fingerprint recognition technology is combined with more product areas and has gained attention in the mid- to high-end residential housing market. CMO Vicky of Huifan Technology Co., Ltd. believes that the current high-end residential areas and real estates pay more and more attention to their own safety. The application of intercom products integrated into fingerprint recognition is attracting more and more attention in the villas and high-end real estates with fewer people.
Justice: A New Hot Spot for Face Recognition Applications
As the hottest biometric technology in recent years, face recognition has been highly anticipated, and its application has gradually matured. At present, face recognition is mainly divided into active recognition and passive recognition. Active recognition is generally applied to routine access control, assessment and other occasions. Passive face recognition has unique advantages in customs and traffic inspections.
china facial recognition manufacturer
Mike, the CEO of Chongqing Huifan Technology Co., Ltd., believes that with the breakthrough of the face recognition technology bottleneck and the maturity of various technologies, the focus of face recognition technology has also begun to improve from the basic core algorithms such as the number and quality of data collection. Gradually turned to research on how to promote in market applications. In the customs and other industries where the passive recognition of the face has advantages, due to the different entrances and exits of different berths at the port terminal, the fixed face recognition device cannot solve the problem that the inspectors need to have large mobility, so the mobile face recognition system should be transported. Born and produced by Shanghai Customs during the World Expo. “Portable face recognition devices create new market applications for face recognition, and future products may become portable devices that are lighter and smaller, and can be used as one of the portable equipment for public security and customs personnel.”
Compared with passive recognition, the market space for active face recognition is even larger, and it has broad application prospects in terms of urban security and blacklist hunting. At present, active face recognition is highly prone to motion blur when the video surveillance camera is far away from the target and is not coordinated. In addition, since the user is in a non-coordinated motion state and the activity is more free, the probability of the side face and the back-to-camera greatly increase. Tracy, head of Pakistan, Shenzhen Bio-Identity Technology Co., Ltd. said: "The first situation can be compensated by the promotion of face recognition technology. At present, the new "Binocular Stereo" face recognition technology introduced by Hundred Euros combines two-dimensional The advantages of face recognition and 3D face recognition are widely used in the automatic monitoring of large file management systems and blacklist camera monitoring networks. At the same time, the high definition of cameras also provides a solution to this problem."
With the in-depth development of China's safe city and safe community projects, the high-definition and popularization of urban surveillance has further developed, and the wide range of cameras in the city has increased, making face recognition through multiple cameras on face acquisition, avoiding the side. Face and back problems raise the quality of face recognition. At the same time, the public security system urgently needs the functions of urban surveillance, fugitive pursuit, blacklist investigation, etc., and face recognition technology will be applied in the judicial system. Mike believes that face recognition technology is different from other biometrics in that it has the unique advantage of being undetected and can be traced afterwards. Tracy said: "In the most video-intensive city of London, face recognition technology has been applied to blacklist tracking, which will be applied in the future."
At present, active face recognition technology has been applied in some small-scale applications. Austin, manager of product development department of Shenzhen Baiou Biometrics Technology Co., Ltd. said: “At present, face recognition has been applied in prison projects, not only in access control but also in the main Or the only channel of the camera also has applications, can actively identify whether the personnel are inside the prison, effectively achieve the purpose of anti-tailing, anti-latency and so on."
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