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The application of fingerprint identification technology in the field of public security business is becoming more and more extensive

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-11-07

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With the continuous development of information technology, the application of fingerprint identification technology in the field of public security business is becoming more and more extensive.
Fingerprint recognition technology associates a person with his fingerprint and compares his fingerprint with a pre-saved fingerprint to verify his true identity. Everyone (including fingerprints) has different skin textures in patterns, breakpoints, and intersections. It is unique and relies on this uniqueness and stability to create fingerprint recognition technology.
In order to collect enough evidence to prove the suspects, the public security department often uses a variety of evidence collection methods to crack the clues of the case. Among them, the most widely known way to collect information is through the collection of fingerprints.
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The case of fingerprint resolution has been in existence for a long time. China is the earliest recorded country in the world to use fingerprints to solve crimes. As early as the Qin Dynasty, the collection of criminal evidence through fingerprints became an important evidence for the law enforcement agencies at that time. The public security organs in China gradually promoted and established the fingerprint automatic identification system in the 1990s. It is a major revolution in the field of criminal technology, especially fingerprint technology. It has changed the traditional manual query method for fingerprint matching, which greatly improved the efficiency of query comparison. Quality has played an indelible role in detecting and solving crimes.
Nowadays, with the continuous development of information technology, information technology has begun to flow into various fields of social life. As a important means of detecting criminal cases, fingerprint trace inspection technology is widely used in the case investigation process. The timely collection of fingerprint traces can help the relevant case handlers to truly understand the actual activities of the crime scene, as well as the individual characteristics of the perpetrators, which is of great help to the detection of the case.
There are still many shortcomings in fingerprint recognition technology. For example, when the finger is stained with water, oil or sweat, it can not be used. The fingerprint may be lightened during the years of use and friction, and may even be copied, but these are all Can not obliterate its application advantages. In fact, fingerprint recognition is faster and lower in application cost than face recognition. Fingerprint recognition is undoubtedly a more popular one on the basis of safety, convenience and cost performance. Moreover, although fingerprint recognition and face recognition overlap in some application scenarios, the two still have their own focus and no overlapping areas.
china biometric fingerprint scanner factory
Huifan Technology is a leading global solution provider for biometric product solutions. Its HF7000 Bluetooth wireless fingerprint scanner is a product certified by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and has a certain foundation in terms of security and anti-counterfeiting.
The HF7000 is the darling of Huifan. It has participated in many government-level projects and is loved by all countries.
For example, the Nigerian government election, the Indian taxi project, the Pakistani government personnel attendance project, the TTCL project, the Pakistani baby vaccine toe registration project, and so on, some very perfect projects.
Let's look at the picture together
china biometric fingerprint scanner factory
fingerprint scanner  in Nigeria Tax Registration
Fingerprint recognition technology is currently recognized as the most widely used, lowest-cost, and most easy-to-use biometric authentication technology. Compared with other identity authentication technologies, fingerprint identification has many unique advantages. It is used in the daily management of public security institutions and in the service public security center. The application prospects are very promising.
At present, fingerprint recognition is mainly used in attendance, access control, safe cabinets and other fields. It is believed that with the improvement of fingerprint identification technology, it will be widely used in ID cards, motor vehicles, homes and other fields.
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china bluetooth fingerprint scanner in TTCL Project
Development trend of fingerprint recognition
The development of fingerprint recognition technology has benefited from the research of modern electronic integrated manufacturing technology and fast and reliable algorithms. Although the fingerprint is only a small part of the human skin, the amount of data used for identification is quite large. The comparison of these data is not a simple equal and unequal problem, but a fuzzy matching algorithm that requires a large number of operations.
Modern electronic integrated manufacturing technology allows us to manufacture relatively small fingerprint image reading devices. At the same time, the rapid development of personal computer computing speeds provides the possibility of performing two fingerprint comparison operations on a microcomputer or even a single chip microcomputer. In addition, the reliability of the matching algorithm is also constantly improved, and the fingerprint recognition technology has been very practical.
Fingerprint recognition technology can be applied to many aspects in several ways. The most typical example is to replace the password of each computer application by using fingerprint verification. It is conceivable that if all the systems and applications on the computer can use fingerprint verification, it will be very convenient and safe for people to use the computer. Users no longer hate the necessary security checks, and the IT developer's after-sales service will be much lighter.
Combining fingerprint recognition technology with IC cards is one of the most promising directions. The technology stores the fingerprint of the card owner (encrypted) on the IC card, and installs a fingerprint recognition system on the card reader of the IC card. When the card reader reads the information on the card, the card reader is read in together. The fingerprint can be confirmed by comparing the fingerprint on the card with the fingerprint of the card holder to confirm whether the card holder is the real owner of the card, thereby proceeding to the next transaction. In more stringent situations, it can be further compared with the fingerprints on the backend host system database.
Fingerprint IC cards can be widely used in many industries, such as replacing existing ATM cards, manufacturing security documents (visa or passport, public medical cards, membership cards, library cards, etc.). At present, ATM cash dispensers have been installed with fingerprint recognition functions in the United States. The cardholder can cancel the password (to avoid the difficulty of the old man and the child remembering the password) or keep the password, and the fingerprint and password are similar in operation.
Analysis of the application status of biometric fingerprint scanner recognition technology
As one of the most widely used and least expensive identification technologies in biometrics, fingerprint recognition technology has maintained a good development trend in 2012. It is expected that the fingerprint identification market will continue to maintain a stable growth rate in the next few years. At present, fingerprint recognition technology is mainly used in enterprise attendance and intelligent community access control systems. With the maturity of technology and cost reduction, the application field of fingerprint recognition technology is more and more extensive.
1. Corporate attendance still dominates
Attendance is the foundation of modern enterprise management and an important indicator of corporate management. The employee's attendance system based on fingerprint identification can completely solve the problem of the generation of punching cards in the traditional time clocks and IC card attendance methods, ensure the authenticity of the attendance data, and truly reflect the openness, fairness and fairness, thus further improving the efficiency of enterprise management. Level. Moreover, since fingerprint identification products are currently the most convenient, reliable and cheapest biometric products, they are the first choice for most SMEs. At present, the sales volume of fingerprint attendance products in the Chinese market accounts for more than 40% of the total sales of biometric products, ranking first.
2. Smart communities become popular hotspots
china bluetooth fingerprint scanner factory
Since the intelligent community should be comprehensively considered in terms of functions, performance, cost, etc. in design and selection, products with more mature technology, high reliability, and better cost performance are usually selected. Fingerprint recognition technology is the most mature in many biometric identification technologies, with stable performance and low cost. It is especially suitable for promotion and popularization in intelligent communities. The application of fingerprint identification technology in intelligent community is mainly reflected in the realization of daily activities such as parking charges, supermarket shopping, book borrowing, building access and other activities in the community. Effectively solve the many problems of residents' use of documents, which are easy to lose, bring a lot of inconvenience to life, improve the management level of the community, and promote the modernization of management methods. Nowadays fingerprint identification technology has been widely used in intelligent communities and is moving towards a broader civilian market.
3, the fingerprint lock market is developing rapidly
Applying fingerprint recognition technology to traditional door locks is the best choice for biometrics from the professional market to the civilian market. The emergence of fingerprint lock products has announced the advent of a new generation of door locks, and fingerprint locks will gradually change the way people used to open their doors. The convenient, safe and low-cost features of the fingerprint lock will bring a very optimistic market prospect. The new round of door lock competition will promote the rapid development of the fingerprint lock market.
4, diversified applications bloom everywhere
In addition to applications in enterprise attendance and smart communities, fingerprint identification technology is currently widely used in large public projects such as the judicial and financial sectors. In addition, fingerprint identification technology has been innovatively applied to important management systems such as passports, visas, and ID cards, and is responsible for automatic identification based on large-scale databases.
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