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The Ultimate Guide to Biometric Attendance Solutions for Agriculture

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-06-25

Why do agribusinesses need biometric time and attendance solutions?

Now have a look 
  1. Time management challenges in agribusiness
Complying with wage and hour laws can be challenging. Timesheet management can be error-prone and time-consuming for any company, but record keeping is a necessary component of time and labor compliance. For agribusinesses, these challenges are even greater. These organizations are responsible for tracking additional minimum wage and overtime exemptions, youth employment regulations, and more detailed record-keeping requirements. Compliance guidelines can vary completely depending on the job definition.
Of course, agribusinesses also face dynamic seasonal labor fluctuations, which may require working with labor contractors, which may increase joint and several liability in labor practices. Profitability is always a challenge, but with increasing Department of Labor audits and penalties, it is important for agribusinesses to be able to comply in an accessible, affordable and reliable manner.
Agricultural workers often work at different locations and in different work environments, making it difficult to track time and attendance. hFSecurity offers multiple solutions (in a PC/client server or web-based) for efficient collection of time and attendance data across a wide and/or multiple locations.
HFSecurity Biometric Attendance uses facial, fingerprint and iris scanning biometrics to efficiently monitor, manage and register large-scale and flexible attendance without specialized operations*.
Accurate and effective field attendance reporting is critical to the success of large agricultural projects. Managing an ever-changing and dynamic workforce known for payroll errors, mismanagement of overtime and unchecked absenteeism due to changing schedules and project requirements, HFSecurity attendance systems can also prevent fraudulent or incorrect attendance records associated with other attendance systems such as time cards, key fobs or cash registers.
While biometric technology has advanced features, the user interface and reporting is simple, intuitive and flexible based on your business needs. Cloud Attendance is a connected solution designed to seamlessly integrate into your agricultural HR and payroll systems, helping your operations run smoothly while ensuring that your remote workers are paid fairly and accurately.
HFSecurity agribusinesses biometric device
  • Mobile App
The FP08 Biometric Tablet's GPS tracking module is available on a mobile app that allows employers to track the location of employees during work hours. The process begins when employees clock in and stops when they leave work. All transactions are sent directly to the software, so managers can view employee movements by pinging at specified intervals on an easy-to-read Google map. This not only helps track employees, but also ensures that they stay within a specific area during working hours.
Geo-fencing provides an employer-defined radius within which employees can clock in and out. As an alternative or in combination with GPS tracking, geo-fencing ensures that employees clock in and out of their designated areas.
HFSecurity mobile time and attendance software also provides an additional layer of authentication when employees clock in/punch out via "punch selfie". Managers can force a photo to be taken while clocking in/punching out. When an employee goes to a transaction, they will be required to take a photo to complete the transaction. The selfie feature eliminates partner punching and ensures they are where they need to be.
  • Biometric Hardware
The portable handheld terminal device FP08 is ideally suited for agricultural environments. The device has a balanced housing that is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, and the FP08 can be equipped with an optional ruggedized strap so that it can be carried on the body at all times, making it easy to take directly to any job site without having to be plugged in or connected to the network. Attendance data can be stored in the software and then exported and downloaded via the web software.
The capacitive TCS1 fingerprint head is highly practical, with low false recognition rate and high fingerprint success rate. Special recognition of workers in agricultural production, because their hands may produce wear and tear due to long-term labor, which greatly produces inconvenience. The terminal devices on the market cannot meet such needs of workers
HFSecurity's FP05 smart terminal device is also ideal for agricultural environments.
agriculture biometric device
It's no surprise that unique challenges exist for companies serving the agricultural industry. Getting the most out of your workforce dollars and workforce is a priority for all organizations, but it's especially difficult for agribusiness operations that often have remote employees, seasonal fluctuations and unique workforce compliance requirements.
Technology is usually the answer, but utilizing the latest and most accessible technology doesn't seem to be an option for many ag-related companies. But today, that's all changed. These companies can now dramatically reduce administrative time, employee labor costs and improve profitability by implementing simple, cost-effective time and attendance systems that can operate in rural or remote areas.

2. The Solution - Time and Attendance

Faced with many challenges, the cost of using paper timesheets or any inaccurate and automated electronic system to manage records and time management was too high. Web-based timesheets can not only improve your company's profitability, but also make it easier for employees to process payroll.
Here are some examples of how this can work.
  • On-demand labor cost analysis 
With the convenience of electronic time tracking and employee scheduling, you can instantly report on recorded labor data. You can now begin to accurately track labor costs and start controlling costs. With older punch clocks and paper timesheet methods, you simply can't measure and control this cost in a timely enough manner.
Easily and accurately track time for remote and contract employees - Your employees are likely to be working in areas where clocks cannot be placed. But with today's clock option, employees can punch in from their mobile devices or make phone calls. With accurate GPS tracking, you can even know if your employees are on time and on site.
  • Automatically track overtime by department 
Overtime rules can vary based on job description, age or other factors in agriculture, which makes compliance a challenge. That's why electronic systems are so important. With an online time and labor system, employee departments or teams can automatically apply these overtime settings. This way, your compliance can be as reliable and flexible as you need it to be.
  • Biometric Employee Verification 
Given the nature of agricultural work, using biometric clocks to eliminate "buddy punching" by employees has historically been difficult. Employees' hands are often too dirty or worn to be recorded reliably. However, with our cloud-based time and attendance software solution, the size and shape of the employee's hands can be used to reliably record punch counts instead of unreliable fingerprints.
Using a simple, affordable online clock solution, employers can greatly improve profitability. But equally important is maintaining compliance with wage and hour regulations that are streamlined through time and attendance.
agriculture kenya 8 inch biometric tablet terminal
  • Improve employee satisfaction
Nothing undermines employee satisfaction more than unpaid wages. Avoid unnecessary payroll issues with accurate time and management systems and ensure that every employee is paid fairly for their work.
  • Streamline your human resources
Smart Time & Attendance software for your business provides flexible reporting that makes it easy to monitor, analyze and understand your workforce in real time, reducing the need for tedious and confusing paperwork.
  • Reduce errors
Attendance monitoring is a data-intensive task that is prone to human error. Automated biometric time and attendance systems reduce the risk of errors and ensure that data is recorded and presented in a fair and organized manner.
  • Increase productivity
Biometric scanners eliminate the possibility of "buddy punching," where one employee punches in and out of another employee. So you can rest assured that your employees are doing what they say they are doing.
  • Cost-effectiveness
Not only does a biometric time and attendance system reduce labor costs due to inaccurate records, but the multi-face detection feature can be used to reduce queue times for machine punching. 
  • Comprehensive Reporting
Reports include a summary of information related to hours worked, overtime, vacation, sick leave, etc., all of which can be exported to the payroll system.

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