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The Times of NFC Technology

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-18

    With the evolution of the times, access control systems towards the development of virtual and mobile direction. Near Field Communication (NFC) is a technology suitable for access control system, this short-range wireless communication standard can realize the data exchange between devices over a distance of a few centimeters. NFC is also fully compatible with the management of non-contact smart cards ISO standard, which makes it as the ideal platform for a major notable features. By using mobile phones equipped with NFC technology to bring portable identity credentials, and then read by the card reader wirelessly, users just need to show the phone to open the door before the reader.
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    Mobile access solution is the ideal mixed platform. With the adoption of NFC, people will be more interested in the non-contact card technology,and extend to the outside access areas of the building, further to the authentication of IT field. Access security team and information security team will begin to work more closely. Mobile applications will generate a one-time dynamic password or received via SMS, cloud-based configuration mode, sent the information from the air to the phone, this configuration mode eliminates the risk of credentials are copied,and can issue temporary credentials,cancel the lost or stolen credentials, and monitor and modify security parameters when it is needed. This trend is helpful to improve the economic benefits of biometric patterns, it makes the smart phone becomes a portable database to store template, simplify system start up, across multiple locations to support an unlimited number of user groups, eliminate template management needed redundant wiring requirement. However,secure adequate cloud data are needed, and then smart phones can be used to log onto the network and applications.
    The advent of "Internet +"concept,is an opportunity to the development of access control system,and it is an inevitable trend of the development of the access control system. Today, cloud computing, big data, networking and other traditional industries and businesses become more and more mature, the traditional access control system under the "Internet +", with the help of cloud computing, big data technologies,can realize the information of personnel matches with the cloud and access to information storage, search, back, etc., so that make the access to information integrity, and can be traced back. Get rid of bottlenecks in the server access and data processing, realize the integration under "O2O" online and offline in the true sense.
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