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Facial, fingerprint and card Cloud based time attendance software for all HFSecurity device

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-09-17

Face recognition + "cloud" service opens a new application for attendance

 Face Recognition Software

After years of technical accumulation, Huifan Technology has made a breakthrough in face fingerprint recognition and attendance in 2019 and launched a face recognition "cloud" attendance system. According to the prevailing level of the industry, it has taken it to a new level and new heights.


In modern enterprise management, face recognition attendance plays a very important role and has been widely recognized by various industries in recent years. It not only strengthens the day-to-day management of the company but also effectively improves the efficiency of the overall staff. After years of technical accumulation, Huifan Technology has made a breakthrough in face recognition attendance in 2019 and launched a "cloud" attendance system for facial fingerprint recognition. According to the prevailing level of the industry, it has taken it to a new level and a new level.


As the demand for biometrics continues to increase, identification systems are used as an effective means of identification and are being used in an increasing number of fields. Application mode has also changed from simple fingerprint verification to fingerprint recognition and face recognition. However, with the improvement of verification accuracy and recognition ability, the recognition time and recognition rate of the intelligent identification terminal system increase with the increase of the capacity, the recognition rate is low, the recognition speed is slow, and the attendance cannot be performed in different places.

 face recognition software

To solve this problem, Huifan Technology has carried out targeted and in-depth research on cloud technology. Through the unique software technology of Huifan Technology, it has broken through the number of attendance machines, recognition speed and obstacles of multiple attendances. The technology realizes real-time comparison of many people, and the performance index reaches the international advanced level, completely overturning the disadvantages of personnel, area and recognition speed caused by the single operation of the traditional attendance system;


 Facial, fingerprint & card Cloud-based time attendance software for all HFSecurity device  has below advantages

1) Our software is divided into two parts, the APP installed on the device, and the cloud attendance management software (mainly management attendance data, is a systematic background software)

2) Install the APP on the hardware, including facial, fingerprint and RFID card verification.

3) If the customer has their own server, they can use their own server instead of our cloud attendance management software.

4) Data is uploaded to the server, which can be uploaded and downloaded anytime and anywhere for data synchronization. Manage your device wherever you are.

5) Data is uploaded to the cloud, more records can be saved.


Huifan's one-to-one real-time comparison technology has broken the old cloud technology. The revolutionary innovation enables the traditional attendance machine to completely solve the capacity and multi-land problems. The cloud attendance platform developed by Huifan Technology also enables the attendance machine to welcome and geography. Age, ability and time limit! !

 Fingerpirnt Face Cloud Software

Currently, fingerprint and facial attendance machines have become more and more popular. Businesses and factories can be seen everywhere. Even with more accurate attendance equipment, some employees who like to be late can also deal with it. By changing the time of the attendance machine, logging in the background to modify the punch time, responding to attendance, resulting in loss of fairness and justice in the attendance system, management;


According to attendance and cheating, the cloud attendance system developed by Huifan Technology integrates a solution to solve attendance and cheating. It automatically calibrates the punch time according to the server time, eliminates the user's private change of attendance time, and automatically uploads the attendance data to the cloud function. To ensure that enterprises can successfully attend attendance under any network, Huifan Technology Cloud Time Attendance System allows enterprises to refuse attendance and cheating, and achieve the goal and vision of a fair and equitable business attendance system.


To ensure the fairness and impartiality of attendance management, system time and network time are always the same. Employees cannot change the time privately. Help others to work, view employee attendance information in real-time, download attendance data, cloud attendance system integrated attendance cheat solution, can automatically correct time according to server time, prevent users from changing equipment time cheating;


For large enterprises or chain enterprises, attendance management is also very cumbersome and requires a lot of time and effort. Cloud attendance can support a variety of program settings, whether weekly, monthly or daily. The attendance system can support multiple attendance machines at the same time and can synchronize data between different attendance machines. Therefore, card punching can be implemented in different places, and the management of company employees can be used during business trips.


The Huifan Technology Cloud Time Attendance System implements the attendance management functions of different branches, chain stores, and branches, enabling different attendance machines to synchronize data and permanently store attendance records to the cloud server. Break the machine's record capacity limits so that all attendance records have a history and reduce attendance disputes.


Huifan's unique cloud attendance system has also raised its information security service level to a new level, and it is market competitiveness has also increased significantly.

 Facial Recognition Software

Compared with the traditional attendance system, cloud attendance can not only achieve efficient management of the enterprise, but also save part of the company's expenses, including the cost of upgrading and maintenance of traditional attendance systems, and hardware maintenance costs. system. In addition, because cloud attendance management is more user-friendly and more efficient, it can also reduce the salary of attendance managers. By providing users with more scientific management and reliable services, Attendance Cloud Service System is becoming the first choice for enterprise attendance management.


Attendance systems are critical to every management company because it not only records the attendance of the company's employees, but also the company's management. Although the frequency of attendance system updates is getting faster and faster, each generation of attendance systems has its own advantages, but cloud attendance software can still be favored by enterprises and the world in the process of changing. Among them, the Internet + Huifanyun attendance is an absolute advantage and has become the leader of the attendance system.