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The 19th 17th CPS AMB Fair opened in Shenzhen

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-10-30

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The 17th China International Public Security Expo (hereinafter referred to as CPSE Anbo), with the theme of “Great Security, Big Data, and Big Industry”, was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from October 28th to 31st.
Dr. Wang Wei, Chairman of the National Public Security Federation and former Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Public Security, announced the opening. Wang Yanji, chairman of the China Security and Protection Products Industry Association, and Paul, president of the Italian Security UAV Association, delivered speeches respectively. Yang Peng, secretary general of the CPSE Anbo Association, made an opening speech.
Artificial intelligence, driverless, big data, and smart city have become the highlights of this exhibition. More than 1,500 manufacturers in more than 100 countries and regions bring advanced security technology products and solutions, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, India, Turkey, Finland, the Netherlands, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, More than 60 countries and regions including the Philippines, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan participated in the exhibition and procurement, and more than 300,000 professionals from more than 160 countries and regions attended the exhibition. The 15th China Security Forum and the China Biometrics Technology Innovation Application Forum and the Belt and Road International Security Forum were held concurrently, and the 6th Global Security Contribution Award, the CPSE AMB Fair Gold Medal and the CPSE AMB Fair 30 years of meritorious figures were announced. Top 100 Innovation Awards
china face dynamic attendance device supplier
Brush your face into the door, return home and lie on the sofa, direct the robot to complete the work of sweeping the floor, end the tea, etc. You can see the situation at home when you go out. At the second Xingtai City Security Products Exhibition held recently, a series of scenes that can be seen in large movies were staged here. These products and their application technologies are closely related to the people's "safe" and "convenient" life. It's a sneak peek.
2019.10.8-9 At the Planet Biometric Asia show held at Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore, a dynamic facial attendance machine caught everyone's attention.
This is a facial attendance machine that can support 5 people for dynamic recognition and recognizes a distance of 4 meters. It is resistant to high temperatures and can be recognized even in very strong daylight conditions. It doesn't shoot black, and with the help of an infrared camera at night, it can completely recognize faces and alert strangers.
China Best Facial Recognition Device Manufacturer
It can be controlled by the software of the computer, which is convenient for the management personnel to set the working mode of different time periods, and the one-key export of the attendance report completely solves the manual statistics of the huge redundant attendance report, saving manpower and material resources.
Binocular living recognition, refused to punch cards.
Intelligent living recognition
Automatically learn your face changes, AI chip has artificial intelligence learning function, whether it is modified hairstyle or wearing glasses, makeup, can be easily unlocked.
The long-distance recognition speed is less than 0.7 seconds, the recognition rate is 99.99%, and the 30,000 structures collect data points, which are transmitted to the chip neural network system for analysis and processing.
The world's top 500 companies are using this equipment to match the gate as the access control device for workers to go to work.
China Cheap Face Dynamic Attendance Manufactuer
It is recognized by many of our customers for corporate attendance, outdoor access control, and square access control. These applications are enough to see how much customers like our device.
With the theme of “Da'an Big Data and Big Industry”, this year's Expo will fully showcase the cutting-edge technologies and innovations in the field of big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, and artificial intelligence in the security field, creating more business opportunities for Chinese and foreign companies to cooperate and lead. The development direction of the global smart security industry. According to reports, the exhibition has 9 exhibition halls, 6,000 standard booths, with an area of 115,000 square meters. It has become the largest exhibition in the global security industry for 11 consecutive years. Including Huawei Technologies, Ping An Technology, Tencent Cloud, Ali, Seagate, ABB, Honeywell, Legrand, Western Digital, Toshiba and other more than 30 world top 500 and Hikvision, Zhejiang Dahua, Yushi Technology, Suzhou Keda, Dongfang Netpower, Tiandi Weiye, Yingfei Tuo, Vision, Shangtang, Yuntian Lifei, Bitian Continental, Yun Cong, Yitu, Dajiang, Anjubao, Gaoxingxing, Jiadu Xintai, Zhongzhizhi, Well-known enterprises such as Baode Computer. The scope of the exhibition includes intelligent video surveillance, smart city, smart home, smart community, building intercom, anti-theft alarm, Beidou navigation, biometric identification, entrance and exit control, perimeter prevention, parking management and other security technology prevention products and solutions. And public transportation products such as intelligent transportation, fire protection, security inspection, anti-counterfeiting, drone, network security, etc.
According to the organizing committee, more than 300,000 professionals from more than 160 countries and regions around the world visited the exhibition, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, India, Turkey, Finland, the Netherlands, and Thailand. More than 60 countries and regions including Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan participated in the exhibition and procurement. Security associations, security associations and intelligent transportation associations of more than 100 countries and regions, and presidents of more than 40 provincial and municipal security industry organizations and government departments, especially smart cities, mainly involved in public security, transportation, Professionals from the power, education, medical, cultural and other departments, and the heads of well-known Chinese and foreign security companies visited this year's AMB
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