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Technology is always improving. The development of fingerprint identification research is strong.

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-11-08

Most people's knowledge of fingerprints is limited to the encryption technology used to identify identity. Recently, however, researchers have developed a means of detecting the cocaine and metabolites remaining on the finger quickly and accurately, while recognizing the identity of the fingerprint owner. Technology is always making progress, and whether it is encryption or decryption, the progress in the field of fingerprint recognition research is equally unstoppable.
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Metabolic fingerprint analysis or will eliminate blood test urine test
Speaking of fingerprint technology, we are most familiar with on-"fingerprint sensors". In addition to the fingerprint recognition technology of smartphones, fingerprint U disk, fingerprint lighter, fingerprint bank card, fingerprint safe, fingerprint access control card, fingerprint POS machine... In the different fields of life, you can see the capacitive fingerprint encryption mobile terminal to solve the "figure" of the program. However, in recent years, in addition to the field of "encryption", researchers have focused their attention on the field of "decryption" - using fingerprints to identify identities.
Perhaps this does not sound novel, and the use of fingerprint traces to identify the "master" technology has long been used in the reconnaissance work of various crime scenes. But this time, the big tricks of fingerprint technology are not limited to form recognition, but to the depth of biotechnology. Not long ago, researchers at the University of Surrey collaborated with the Dutch Forensic Medicine Institute and the Intelligent Fingerprint Research Institute to perform a metabolic fingerprint analysis using a technique called “Paper Spray Mass Spectrometry” to identify whether a subject had taken it. Other illegal drugs such as cocaine. The advantages of metabolic fingerprinting are more pronounced than with existing drug testing methods. Experts speculate that if this test is widely used in cocaine and other illegal drugs shortly, traditional urine, blood or saliva drug testing will likely be eliminated.
The advantage of metabolic fingerprinting technology is that it can complete “tasks” quickly, reliably and non-invasively, so it has great advantages as the “preferred” for future drug testing. Imagine that for drunk drivers or addicts, there is no need to carry out various tests in the future, and it is only necessary to simply collect fingerprints. The researchers said that the important role played by fingerprints in simplifying the drug screening process confirms the diagnostic matrix value of fingerprints, and complements the development of portable, immediate diagnostics that are synchronized in the future.
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"artificial fingerprint" technology
Affect fingerprint identification security
Since the release of the first mobile phone with fingerprint unlocking function, fingerprint recognition technology has been paid attention to. In the next few years, fingerprint technology was seen as a “tag” everywhere, whether it was a high-end machine or an entry-level machine. At the same time, fingerprint recognition became a standard feature of smartphones. Although the "brush face" technology has attracted most people's attention with the attitude of "latecomers", it is undeniable that fingerprint technology is still the mainstream of smart electronic products. In many mobile banking applications, fingerprints Identification can help users pay bills or transfers.
However, with the popularity of fingerprint recognition technology, corresponding security issues have followed, and many users have said that the fingerprint recognition sensor on the mobile phone is "very good to lie." To test whether fingerprint technology is reliable, some researchers from New York University and Michigan State University developed a "universal fingerprint" some time ago and found that the unlock success rate is as high as 65%. With this "universal fingerprint", researchers can also easily unlock and enter the app to complete the payment.
In the experiment, the researchers can use the fake fingerprints made by some common points of human fingerprints to easily fool the fingerprint sensor of the smartphone. If you can use this series of artificial “master fingerprints” to make “magic gloves”, then only With 5 attempts, you can unlock 40% to 50% of your smartphone. In other words, fingerprinting does pose a risk of privacy or identity theft, which sounds sad.
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Science and technology promote the future, although "Iris Recognition" has begun to become a new mobile phone protection god, but some experts predict that the popularity of the full screen will not accelerate the death of fingerprint recognition, fingerprint recognition will not be completely abandoned by mobile phones.
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Improve the accuracy of fingerprint recognition
Once upon a time, fingerprint recognition has always been the safest mobile guard, but today it has been easily cracked by researchers. “Every person's skin surface is a non-conducting cell, also commonly referred to as a non-living cell. They are equivalent to a series of small resistors that form a shape in the presence of trace current. The fingerprint collector is a simple capacitive read. The extractor, which reads the change in resistance to form a unique resistance change map, which is the fingerprint pattern we usually see." Dr. Zhang Ying, a senior engineer who has worked in computer technology for many years in Silicon Valley, told reporters that the benefits of fingerprint authentication are Convenient, because each person's fingerprints are unique, so they can uniquely identify each individual's identity, and the cost of the capacitive reader is relatively cheap, can be easily integrated into mobile phones, tablets, and even other embedded devices And in IoT devices.
Whether it is "printing fingerprints" or "brushing face", under the impact of hackers, encryption technology is constantly accepting challenges. Dr. Zhang Ying said that fingerprint cracking is mainly because fingerprints are easy to collect and be copied, and even hackers can directly copy fingerprints into fingerprints. "Another fatal flaw is that fingerprint matching is an approximate match, because each fingerprint collection will have a certain fault tolerance rate because sometimes you press a little more force, or your finger is scratched, the matching algorithm is It will pass."
In the window period where face recognition has not reached a satisfactory application level, and the fingerprint under the screen has not been formally applied, how can capacitive fingerprint recognition better participate in the competition under the new trend of mobile phones? “Fingerprint recognition itself is a method of image matching, except that it is a special image, so it is relatively simple and can be matched with high precision.” Dr. Zhang Ying told reporters that this year’s academic world is very hot. Learning "a revolutionary improvement in image recognition, "deep learning" will further improve the accuracy of fingerprint recognition.
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Promising fingerprint research
Seriously pursued, "fingerprint identification" is not a modern exclusive product. It has already begun in China's Yuan Dynasty, and the age stage of the legacy is inferred according to the density of fingerprint lines. Just like the annual rings of trees, fingerprints also reveal information about our age. Fingerprint studies have shown that many of the details of fingerprints can largely reflect the age of the fingerprints. For example, the width and density of fingerprint lines represent different ages.
Today, we often see fingerprints being frequently quoted in the criminal investigation, justice, traffic accident identification, and other industries. Because at the beginning of modern fingerprinting, the scientific community has invested a lot of energy in the study of the relationship between fingerprint line density and age. For archaeologists, this method of inferring the age of the legacy by fingerprint line density also provides a new perspective for interpreting fingerprint traces on ancient pottery. Experts only need to compare the relationship between the density of the lines and the age stage, and it is natural to know the age range of the fingerprints on the pottery.
Research on fingerprint technology has not stopped for many years. In addition to the relationship between ridge density and age, fingerprint analysis can also obtain information on individual left-handedness, race, genetic disease, height, and so on. In response to the problem of fingerprint anti-counterfeiting, researchers have applied "optical tomography" to fingerprint recognition - using near-infrared light and optical interference principles to perform tomographic imaging of biological tissue, not only can capture internal fingerprints and external fingerprints, but also in two Sweat glands are detected between layer fingerprints; while fake fingerprints have fingerprint lines, but lack sweat glands and inner fingerprint structures. Also, the use of "optical micro-angiography technology" can distinguish fingerprints without blood flow information, and truly achieve live fingerprint detection.
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