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Did you check in today? Talk about attendance

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-10-14

Yesterday, i watched a video.
A woman was taking pictures on the street, and a battery car passed by her. I saw that the phone was snatched by a man on the speeding car. This is a tragedy!
Seeing this, you may have to say, this woman deserves it! So careless! Who made her take a selfie on the street!
But, if I tell you, people are taking selfies in front of the store!
Check in! Take a selfie! This is another weird trick made by the boss! I'm going to lose my phone now!
Check in, that is, online time and attendance. It is a certificate for employees of the company to go to work every day, as well as a certificate for employees to receive wages. Attendance records the employee’s commuting time, including being late, leaving early, absenteeism, sick leave, personal leave, and vacation. It is the basis for investigating an employee. The attendance system is not only adopted in companies, but also in schools, institutions and other departments. It makes the work more standardized and the company more efficient.
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When i work time and attendance, time & attendance in has become a curse and a restraint. How many people are not only fined for being 1 minute late, but the full attendance award of the month is also in vain; how many people rush all the way to check in before the specified time; how many people know that the check-in machine is right in front of them, but there is no time to check in, and watch Seeing the opportunity missed...
Checking in is simply the most hated invention among office workers!
And like the boss of this beauty, many people come up with alternative ways of time and attendance tracking.
HFSecurity Time Attendance
【Alternative Time Attendance Solutions Inventory】
1. Weighing and time attendance in can be called the top of "alternative".
It is understood that employees need to pass through a "weight gate" to go to work. If the weight change exceeds a certain value and the system cannot recognize it, the employee will be blocked and need to be led by other colleagues to pass. However, the upper and lower weight limits of the "weight gate" can float 15 kg . (It is said to be a Japanese company...)
2. Specify the photo attendance method, which makes people dumbfounded.
"Every day when we arrive at the company, we are ready to punch in. The door of the company immediately becomes a selfie room. All employees have to take photos in the posture specified by the company." Xiao Chen, who works in a private company, said that every posture is a temporary notice. And it requires an office background, which is impossible to help people cheat. (The beauty mentioned at the beginning is your boss!
3. There is nowhere to escape for attendance with seat cards.
This is the veritime time and  attendance method for freshmen of Chongqing Jiaotong Vocational College. During class, one seat card is collected and managed by the class committee and distributed to the students by name before class. If no one comes to collect the card or put it in an empty seat, that means that person is not coming to class. If the number of skipping classes accumulates to 3, they will be punished by the school. (The editor company also has seat cards. Could it be...
4. The most capricious workday time and attendance, the boss is definitely a fan.
During the 2014 World Cup, a company’s personnel department introduced an attendance system. Before the day before the game, employees can predict the result of the game in the early morning of the next day. Employees who predict correctly can take a day off with pay the next day; if the prediction fails, it will continue as usual. To work. (The supporting team loses and has to come to work, so sad!)
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Finally, review the history of attendance development:
The first generation: [Paper card attendance]
The employee takes the card and punches in the punching machine, and the commuting time will be automatically printed on the card. This method is probably a scene that appears in the urban drama I watched when I was young. There is also a barcode attendance during the period, mainly in the mining industry.
The second generation: [magnetic card attendance]
Magnetic card attendance can be divided into two types: IC card and ID card. IC card time attendance is a way to use IC card technology to record the attendance by swiping cards, including contact and non-contact. The full name of the ID card is the identification card. It is a kind of induction card that cannot be written. It contains a fixed number. The ID card is the same as the magnetic card, but only uses the "number on the card", the ID card attendance machine The working process is similar to that of the IC card attendance machine.
The third generation: [Biometric Time and Attendance]
With the development of biometric technology, biometric attendance methods based on fingerprint recognition technology, face recognition technology, and iris recognition technology have become popular. The fingerprint attendance system realizes the integration of person, place and time, removes the falsity of human relations management and attendance, saves unnecessary employees overtime for the company, and manages the personnel attendance of company employees in a fair, reasonable, effective and scientific manner; The time attendance machine is based on face recognition technology. When employees stand in the recognition area of ​​the face recognition time attendance machine on and off work, the time attendance machine will quickly record the attendance status and save the record; the iris time attendance is also based on the development of biometric technology, which is between the iris The uniqueness of the card to ensure the accuracy of clocking in; in addition, there are also finger vein recognition time attendance based on finger vein recognition technology.
Face Recognition time attendance device
The fourth generation: [Video/photo attendance]
Video attendance machines and photo attendance machines are used to obtain entry and exit screens by installing cameras/cameras in the work area (entry and exit), automatically identify the identity of the entry and exit personnel, and complete employee time attendance access control records. Camera attendance machines and camera attendance machines effectively solve the restrictions of biometrics on the environment and the user population. The combination of smart card management and manual management can effectively adapt to the environment of factories, industrial and mining enterprises, and is becoming more and more popular in modern enterprises.
The fifth generation: [mobile/cloud automated time and attendance system]
The above-mentioned method of attendance is the attendance of the city working in a fixed place, but for many field workers, how should their work be measured? Mobile/cloud attendance uses the Internet to perform attendance management through mobile devices such as mobile phones, attendance check-in, attendance record query, attendance statistical report, and related operations such as leave and overtime through the attendance machine. More humane and modern.
From the development history of attendance, attendance methods have become more and more intelligent, diversified and humanized. Before this, the editor also saw a technology company that used the face attendance system to match single men and women with "couple portraits" on Valentine's Day. Those who successfully date can leave work early! In this way, in the future, will you fall in love with attendance?
[What alternative ways of attendance have you encountered/heard of? 】Leave a message tell us
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