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SmartMetric Adapts Biometric Card Tech for Medical Records

Author: huifan   Time: 2018-08-10

SmartMetric has found another application of its biometric smart card technology, announcing a card designed to hold the user’s medical information, and to be accessed only with their fingerprint.
The solution is about the size of a credit card, allowing an individual to comfortably and conveniently carry all of their medical information with them in their wallet. And like SmartMetric’s payment card solution, the product features an embedded fingerprint scanner, which will authorize only the cardholder to access the card’s data.
There are still some unanswered questions; at the time of writing, a section dedicated to the product on SmartMetric’s website was largely blank. While SmartMetric says the solution is designed to display a user’s medical information on a computer, it isn’t yet clear how the card will interface with a given laptop, desktop, or other device, nor is it clear how medical professionals would upload their files to the card.
Nevertheless, the medical card concept offers another illustration of the promise of biometric card technology, which is currently generating considerable excitement in the area of payment cards as major firms like Mastercard and Visa explore the technology. For its part, SmartMetric announced that its biometric card solution had gone into production last month, suggesting that the company is racing toward the market.