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Smart lock which brings convenience to our lives?

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-08-13

About the smart lock, many consumers must have heard about it, but to the time of purchase is difficult, always in the mind to fight a lot of problems, of course, the user is concerned about whether it is reliable, smart door lock in the end expensive, and so on. The following Huifan Technology Editor will take you to answer the smart lock those things.
1、smart locks have mechanical locks are reliable?
In the impression of many people, electronic things are certainly not purely mechanical security. In fact, the smart lock is a combination of "mechanical lock + electronic", which means that the smart lock is developed on top of the mechanical lock, the mechanical part and mechanical lock basically remain the same, C-class lock core, lock body, mechanical keys, etc. basically the same, so in the anti-technical opening, in fact, the two are comparable.
HFSecurity Smart Door Lock
The advantage of smart locks is that, as most smart locks are networked, so it has anti-pry alarm, the user to view the door lock dynamics in real time and other functions, in terms of reliability than mechanical locks. Currently, the market is also out of the visualization of the smart lock, users can not only monitor the door dynamics in real time through the phone, but also through remote video shouting, as well as video remote unlocking. Overall, smart locks are much better than mechanical locks in terms of reliability.
2、smart lock is expensive? What price is the smart lock is good?
Many users in the purchase of smart fingerprint locks, the price is often one of the factors to consider, and let the consumer headache is that the market hundreds of dollars of smart locks and thousands of dollars of smart locks, from the appearance and function is not much difference, so do not know how to choose.
In fact, now the price of a qualified smart lock is at least a thousand dollars up and down, so it is not recommended to buy two or three hundred dollars of smart locks, one is the quality is not guaranteed, the second is that after-sales can not keep up, after all, hundreds of dollars of smart locks profit is very low, manufacturers will not do a loss business, we recommend the purchase of more than one thousand dollars of smart locks, if you are not bad money can choose a better smart lock products.
HFSecurity Smart door lock
3、smart locks are easy to crack?
Many consumers have learned through the news that smart locks are easy to be cracked by small black boxes, fake fingerprints, or through forms such as network attacks. In fact, now the smart lock after the small black box incident, basically can resist the small black box attack, because companies are upgraded to the smart lock products.
And about copying fake fingerprints, in fact, is a difficult thing to copy the procedure is more complex, network attacks can only be completed by hackers, the average thief does not have the ability to crack, and hackers do not bother to crack an ordinary family smart lock, and again now the smart lock in the network security, biometric security and other aspects have made sufficient efforts to deal with the average thief no problem.
4、Biometric smart locks to buy a big brand?
The brand has a brand of good, small brands have the advantages of small brands. Of course, the brand's service system and sales system to cover a relatively wide range. In terms of quality, as long as the so-called "cheap" is not too much to pursue, the fact that the brand is large and small brands are not too big a gap. Smart locks are different from home appliances, home appliances can be temporarily used, but once the lock fails, the user is faced with a home can not return to the situation, so the timeliness of the after-sales response requirements are very high, while the stability of the product and quality requirements are also very high.
In a word, buy smart locks, whether brand, or small brands, good quality, good service is important.
5、the battery is dead what to do?
What to do when the battery is dead? This is a matter of whether the user can go home, so it is also very important. In fact, users do not have to worry about the power problem, first of all, now the smart lock power consumption problem has been handled very well, a handle smart lock for a battery can be used for at least 8 months; secondly, the smart lock have emergency charging interface, just a rechargeable battery and cell phone data line can be emergency charging it; in addition, if the power is really gone, and no rechargeable battery, there are mechanical keys can continue to use. It is worth mentioning that most of the smart locks now have a low battery reminder, so basically do not worry about the battery power problem.
However, we want to remind users not to place the key because the smart lock is too convenient regardless, you can put a mechanical key in the car, just in case.
6、fingerprint wear and tear can still be used?
Theoretically, fingerprint wear is certainly not available, so users can enter more fingerprints in the process of use, especially the elderly, children and other people with shallow fingerprints, you can use a variety of alternate authentication methods, such as passwords, cell phones NFC can also be used with, at least when the fingerprint can not be identified, you can also go home.
Of course, you can also use face recognition, finger veins and other biometric smart locks.
HFSecurity Smart Lock
7、Can I install the smart lock by myself?
In general, we do not recommend self-installation. After all, the installation of the smart lock involves the thickness of the door, the length of the square steel, the size of the opening and many other aspects, if you encounter Wang Li, Pan Pan security doors, as well as the use of the security doors of the big bully lock body, the general user is difficult to install in place, and some security doors and heaven and earth hooks, if not well installed easily lead to jamming, so it is better to let the manufacturers of professional people to install.
8、a variety of biometric smart lock, which is good?
In fact, different biometrics have their own advantages, fingerprints are cheap, many products, strong selectivity; face recognition, non-contact open the door, the experience is very good; finger veins, iris and other biometric technology mainly protective, slightly expensive. So, users can choose the right product according to their needs.
Today there are many "fingerprint + face" a combination of biometric technology on the market smart lock, the user can choose according to their own mood identification method.
9、Smart lock networking is good?
Now is the era of smart home, smart lock networking is the trend. In fact, there are many benefits of networking, such as the ability to view the dynamics of the door lock in real time, which can be linked with the visual doorbell, smart cat's eye, camera, lighting, etc., to play a role in real-time monitoring of the dynamics of the front door. Now there are many visualization of the smart lock, networking will be able to achieve remote video calls, remote video authorization to open the lock and other functions.
In addition, the networked smart lock can be viewed through the cell phone when the children, the elderly, whether the home on time, etc., can be described as a lot of benefits

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