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Smart home interconnection is the key

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-21

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   Smart home products are "fragmented"
    In recent years, with the rise of the concept of smart home, more and more intelligent products are entering thousands of households.
    As China's first in the high-end hood to achieve a comprehensive intelligent application of the kitchen electric business, the party will be in 2017 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Fair to work together to open Huawei "smart life" smart home solutions, and the joint production of both The Huawei smart home system, a new generation of Taiyuan wind magic hood, will also be heavy debut at this show.
    Also in the field of smart kitchen, Olin Group in its 2017 global summit released 2017 brand strategy, and Zhejiang TV "China Blue TV" strong combination of cross-border cooperation, launched three "China Blue" series of new products, the kitchen and intelligence, Technology integration, to achieve Internet of things technology and human-computer interaction, to create a comprehensive upgrade "Party social kitchen."
    In the smart fireplace, the forest, Moloney, striker and so launched the flagship product. Which forest intelligent series of heating stove-K88Plus with WiFi control function, you can adjust the temperature through the mobile device, according to GPS positioning, go out or go home to set the distance, it will automatically push the heating and hot water status information, and prompt Whether the switch heating furnace.
    In the field of home security products, smart lock market occupancy rate of one-tenth of the sub-Sahara Group developed the development of the Seos platform, allowing users to transfer mobile devices and application software, and then manage the transfer of "electronic key", also become security the trend of the field.
    Smart bathroom as part of the smart home, is currently in the rapid growth period of development. In recent years, intelligent toilets, smart shower, smart bathroom mirror, represented by intelligent bathroom products, is becoming more and more consumers chase the object.
    In addition, the intelligent curtains, Slide intelligent curtains with its Founder white design, and furniture can be well integrated, through the built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, WiFi and intelligent mobile devices can be connected to the application, after the connection can be scheduled and control the curtain opening and closing.
    At present, although China's smart home products in the development of "flourishing", but at another level point of view, it can be said to be "fragmented." Related intelligent products are mostly based on the enterprise's product planning and development, did not take into account the overall application of smart home.
    Smart home development needs interconnection
    In fact, the concept of smart home has been speculation for many years, but encountered difficulties in the terminal floor, consumers accept a low degree of embarrassment. The reason for this situation, a big reason is that the major enterprises of the intelligent home platform system is relatively closed, between products failed to achieve effective interoperability, to the consumer caused some trouble.
    And smart home market, many of the so-called intelligent products are pseudo-intelligence, or that its degree of intelligence is still in a very low stage, but through the Internet to achieve a mobile phone control, content sharing, the original remote control into a mobile phone Remote control, in the real experience and not too much intelligent changes.
    Insiders have admitted that the current wisdom of the family and artificial intelligence in the initial stage of integration, but the development of a single product with a certain degree of intelligent results, but the overall smart home is a systematic and comprehensive project, not a single intelligent hardware or products It can be resolved, the different space of the intelligent, involving many industrial chain, the depth of the future integration is inevitable.
    Recently, Apple has introduced a control of smart home products APP After installing this iOS app (iOS10) on the iPhone, users can easily and securely manage those smart home products at home, and can also be used on iPad and AppleWatch. In the APP, the user can carry out intelligent control of household equipment including lights, switches, curtains, air conditioning, air purifier, doorbell and so on. According to reports, the world has about 50 intelligent furniture products can be managed through this APP, and this figure is still growing.
    In addition, Haier on the line U + wisdom life open platform Haier platform, through the unified wisdom of the agreement standards, to achieve different categories, different brands of intelligent products or services, the advantages of the whole product line for the U + platform to build air, food, Water, safety, entertainment, health seven wisdom ecological circle laid the foundation.
    Huawei in the end of 2016 also officially released a smart home strategy. Focus on building the three major capabilities, namely Hilink connection agreement, Liteos Internet of Things operating system and Internet of things chip.
    In the future, with the smart home industry into the depth of integration, including wearable equipment and connected home configuration equipment and smart home products integration development, to create a compatible, systematic, shared smart home platform, or will be able to promote Smart home industry to open a new situation, to achieve sustainable development.