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Security monitoring system of the six transmission

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-18

In general, the security monitoring system has six transmission transmission Touch Screen Face Scanner mode.

1-Video baseband transmission: is the most traditional TV monitoring transmission mode, 0 ~ 6MHz video baseband signal without any processing, through the coaxial cable (unbalanced) direct transmission of analog signals

2-Fiber transmission: common analog optical and digital optical, is to solve dozens or even hundreds of kilometers of television monitoring transmission of employee attendance management system the best solution, through the video and control signals into optical signals in optical fiber transmission

3-Network transmission: is to solve the long-distance metro, the point is extremely scattered monitoring transmission, the use of MPEG audio and video compression format transmission monitoring signal

4 - Microwave transmission: to solve a few kilometers or even dozens of kilometers of wiring is not easy to monitor the transmission of one of the solutions.

5-Twisted pair transmission (balanced hardware lock transmission): is to solve the monitoring image transmission within 1Km, electromagnetic environment, one of the complex occasions, will monitor the image signal processing through balanced symmetric transmission

6-Line transmission: biometric systems to solve a few kilometers to tens of kilometers to monitor the best signal transmission solution, the use of AM modulation, audio frequency with sound, FSK data signal modulation and other advanced technologies, dozens of road monitoring images, audio, control And alarm signals integrated into the "one" handheld payment terminal two-way coaxial cable transmission.

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