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Russia's latest technology can quickly identify veins in human palms

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-08-16

Russia's latest technology can quickly identify veins in human palms
Russia has recently developed a palm vein recognition technology. The new device reads the veins of human palms without touching them and compares them with the biological samples in the database in less than half a second. The experts concerned believe that such a system is impossible to hack.
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What is palm print recognition?
A palm print is a variety of lines on the surface of the palm between the wrist and the fingers. The shape of the palm print is genetically controlled, and even if the skin is peeled off for some reason, the new lines of the palm print still maintain their original structure. Every person has different palm lines, and even if they are twins, their palm lines are similar but not identical.
Since the unique vein structure of the human body is set by the age of 12 and remains unchanged throughout life. Therefore, vein recognition is similar to fingerprint recognition, with the difference that vein scans can read vein patterns at a distance of 3 cm to 9 cm without contact. At a time when the new crown epidemic is raging, vein recognition technology has a great advantage. In addition, palm vein patterns are more complex and have more unique characteristics than fingerprints or finger vein patterns, allowing for fairly accurate digital model construction and recognition using databases. The inner side of the palm is less prone to discoloration than the back, which is why it is primarily used for identification.
The researchers also described how vein scanning works. The method is based on reading radiation reflected from the human palm in the infrared region of the spectrum at a wavelength of 760 nano meters. Because the hemoglobin in the veins absorbs some of the infrared radiation, the intensity of radiation reflected from the veins in the palm is lower than that reflected from the rest of its surface, which creates a unique pattern of veins that become visible when scanned with infrared light.
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The new device scans the palm with multi spectral infrared light and then analyzes the detected vein patterns. An important stage of palm vein image processing is the selection of the region. Usually, the algorithm is based on a method of identifying the "membrane" between the index and middle fingers, the middle and ring fingers, and the ring and little fingers. At all points of the palm contour line, calculate the center of mass and determine the location of the conditional center of the palm, and determine the location of the conditional center of the palm from the data of the center of mass. This method allows the recognition quality to be independent of the rotation angle in the horizontal plane with respect to the scanner. The acquired "pattern" is then converted into a digital sequence by means of a mathematical algorithm and transferred to a special encrypted mini-file template. Finally, the scanner compares the vein pattern with the existing samples in the database, and if the corresponding sample does not exist in the database, it is immediately recognized as an intruder.
Another advantage of the system is that it does not matter how the state of a person's palm is, dirt, moisture, wounds, calluses and other factors have no effect on the results, and even thin medical gloves cannot prevent the scanner from accurately identifying them, according to the experts concerned. Offices, factories, sports centers, food and beverage establishments, as well as private cars and homes are well suited to this technology. The commercial prospects of this achievement are promising.
With the rapid development of information technology and network technology, information security has shown unprecedented importance. Biometric identification technology is being used more and more widely with its unique stability, uniqueness and convenience. Palm print recognition, as an emerging biometric technology, has received wide attention from researchers at home and abroad for its simple sampling, rich image information, high user acceptance, not easy to forge, and less interference by noise. However, due to the late start of palm print recognition technology, it is still in the stage of learning and learning from other biometric recognition technologies.
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