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PK Culture is Here and There

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-17


PK,in HuiFan Tech.,is very normal and vehement,no matter what things,when and whom.For the 6 freshmen, Mar.23th is a very important day because they need to make a speech to show what they got and what they will contribute to the team they want to join in in the future.Also,the four teams(Middle East Business Team, Africa Business Team,Asia Business Team,European &America Business Team ,Branch:Shenzhen Bio I/E Co.,Ltd)need to show their advantage to attract the new freshmen.After fierce competition of about 1 hour,finally the result comes out.Angela and Middle East Business Team choose each of other,and Ella and Africa Business Team select each other successfully.But for the remaining 4 freshmen and Asia Business Team,European &America Business Team ,Branch:Shenzhen Bio I/E Co.,Ltd,they have not get any result.Bcs all the remaining freshmen choose Shenzhen Bio I/E Co.,Ltd,but there are only guy Shenzhen Bio I/E Co.,Ltd only need.And no one pick the Asia Business Team,European &America Business Team.They will have another competition next week?How the result will be?Just stay tuned!