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New technology, New RA05

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-08-30

RA05 Android Face Time Attendnace and Access Control

What is the most popular new product of HuiFan in 2019? That is RA05 Android face time attendance and access control. In 2019, we have launched two patented products, RA05 and RA07. Today, let me introduce RA07 to you firstly.

As the TA & AC, Where is RA05 new?

Firstly, RA05 can realize 0.5 to 4 meters dynamic and remote recognition. Now many attendance machines can only achieve static and close distance recognition, comparing to them, RA05 is at the forefront of attendance machine innovation.

Secondly, up to 5 person detecting at the same time is its biggest feature. This function will make the modern enterprise and factory more efficient. As we know, time and efficiency are the most important things for a modern business.

Thirdly, no matter in the dark light or under big sunshine, RA05 can accurately detect and recognize faces. Many traditional attendance machines are not recognized under strong light, but RA05 can do that. So, it can be installed outside, like construction site.

We have bring RA05 around the world. No matter in South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, RA05 is very popular. It is absolutely the brightest star at the exhibition we have attended. Our clients who have tested it heap praise on it.

If you ask me what I want to buy even if I live paycheck to paycheck (过着吃土的日子) in September, that is RA05. RA05 Android face time attendance and access control is your smart choice!