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Neurotechnology Releases New Biometric Time and Attendance Products

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-10-09

March 28, 2017 - 

Neurotechnology has released two biometric time and attendance tracking products including the new NCheck Cloud Bio Attendance cloud-based service and the updated NCheck Bio Attendance 4.0 software.


NCheck Cloud Bio Attendance uses face recognition to enable users to check in and out from anywhere via the internet by taking selfies using mobile devices or a dedicated device for all users in the company.

In addition, NCheck Bio Attendance 4.0 software provides improved speed and usability as well as adds iris recognition to its fingerprint and face recognition capabilities for mobile or on-site time and attendance logging.

Neurotechnology’s new biometric time and attendance tracking products create reports on their own and can export data to third party payroll applications.

“A company can set up the NCheck Cloud time and attendance solution in just a few minutes,” said Vaidas Didvalis, NCheck project manager for Neurotechnology. “Users can check-in and check-out from anywhere using their own devices or they can use a dedicated device for a group of users. Iris recognition integration into the standalone NCheck Bio Attendance enables biometric check-in and check-out when fingerprints and face cannot be used – a capability that hospitals and clinical research labs find particularly useful.”

The new NCheck Cloud Bio Attendance cloud-based time and attendance service enables administrators to review attendance data, generate reports, add new users and complete other administrative functions via the Internet, eliminating the need to install or maintain software. The product allows up to five users to be registered using a free account.

NCheck Bio Attendance 4.0 provides an additional security layer with RFID card and barcode reader integration, which enables user identification through a combination of card scans and biometric verification.

The updated NCheck version includes a range of useful new reports, including productivity, absentee and late arrival.

Just as with its previous versions, NCheck Bio Attendance 4.0 is compatible with standard Windows PCs and off-the-shelf Android devices; supports a range of fingerprint scanners, device cameras and webcams; and includes GPS logging, database synchronization for remote workers, user grouping, shift support and attendance planning.

The updated version is available as a free upgrade to existing NCheck customers, while a free 30-day trial with full functionality is available for download and evaluation to new customers.

NCheck Cloud Bio Attendance and NCheck Bio Attendance 4.0 are now available at, the Neurotechnology website or from distributors worldwide. In addition, customers can order an Android tablet with NCheck Bio Attendance pre-installed.

Earlier this month, Neurotechnology released SentiVeillance 6.0 software development kit (SDK), which provides improved facial recognition using up to 10 surveillance, security and public safety cameras on a single computer, making it suitable for a wide range of surveillance applications.