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Network based access control TCP / IP network-based access control non-networked access control

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-16

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(1) RS485 networked access control machines, which means can connect with computer,directly use access control software to manage the device, including cards and events. very easy to manage, centralized control, can view records,analysis records and processing for other purposes.

(2) TCP / IP network access control, also known as Ethernet network access control, also can connect with the network for system management, use network cable for communication. In addition to having all the advantages of 485 networked access, it also has a faster, easier installation and greater number of networking can be cross-regional or rfid access control system inter-city network. But there are high equipment prices, the need for a computer network knowledge. Suitable for installation in large projects, required speed, cross-regional projects.

(3) non-networked access control machines, namely stand-alone access control type,one machine manage one door, can not be controlled by computer software, you can not see the record, directly controlled by the controller. Characterized by cheap, simple installation and maintenance, you can not view biometric fingerprint door lock the record, not suitable for the number of people more than 50 or flow ,only can be used to control at most 5 doors.