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Network Security Recorder Development

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-17

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With the development of science and technology, Chinese security industry developed from the traditional alarm monitoring, access control, intercom and other multi-device, multi-system development, and now has introduced integration, network products, technical concepts deepened.
On industry technology development and applications, there are three main directions:
First, is an upgrade product structure and appearance;  second, the deepen or increase to product function;third is an extension of product technology. Appearance and functionality to stay in the industry, making it easy to repeat, vicious competition. And the application of innovative technology, it can open up new areas of application security. NSR (security one machine) is part of the structure, housing, functions, applications which innovation, market road can go far?
Integrated,a variety of application of innovative technologies has already begun, from the original few simple functional integration, to today's equipment and systems, continue to integrate. NSR (security one machine), the English name Network Security Recorder, at the end of 2011 Shenzhen Abou meeting, then to New manufacturers to professional users, according to technical person in charge, NSR (security one machine) series NSR-8488 in the application do 8 alarms, 8-channel video / audio, four readers, four power locks, 4 sets of sensor input, can be used in chain shops, enterprises and institutions, Home / Smart House Apartments, hospitals, schools and other fields . From the product Conceptually, NSR will be the mainstream market, especially in the commercial area of the application, which itself is a double innovative technologies and products.
From the development of the industry, the security is bound to enter an integrated,a network development stage. Product development will also be new technologies and new areas of application-oriented, and NSR would be the beginning of the product development.