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Missouri Hospital Network Embraces Biometric Patient Identification

Author: huifan   Time: 2018-08-13

Missouri-based CoxHealth has become the latest healthcare provider to embrace Imprivata's biometric patient identification system.
Comprising a network of six hospitals, CoxHealth is a locally-owned, not-for-profit healthcare provider employing a staff of 11,000. It’s a significant operation, and therefore one that stands to reap some particularly strong benefits from Imprivata’s PatientSecure solution, which is designed to establish a link between a given patient’s palm vein biometrics, and their medical records.
In a statement announcing the system's implementation in the hospital network, CoxHealth IT director Jack Cole explained that it "will smooth the check-in process" by automating it and making it more reliable. "We have a lot of double-checks to prevent those issues, but this technology will stop the problem entirely," he said.
Cole added later that PalmSecure could also play a significant role in patient outcomes. "Consider a person arriving in the ED with no ID, it could make all the difference in the outcome, "he said. "This technology will save lives.”
News of the deployment comes after Vecna, a patient self-service solutions provider, integrated PatientSecure into its platform's API earlier this year, suggesting that Imprivata's biometric patient identification solution is enjoying a rising profile in the healthcare sector.