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Middle East team fights for the 100pcs FP05

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-17

Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer

 Ramadan starts from 6th June, All the Muslin countries are holding one-month Festival. During this period,they will work much less hours each day,refuse to eat any food in the day time. The direct effect for Middle East team in Huifan is that they can hardly get in contact with most customers.

   Although the business proceeds too slowly, Rita card swipe machine and Angela in Middle East team also tried their best to fight for orders. Recently, there are 100pcs mobile fingerprint device HF-FP05 order from an U.A.E customer. After weeks of sample biometrics devices test,issues solution and price negotiation, the client decided to cooperate with our company. But it is not easy to get the payment. After following up several days, the client sent employee attendance calendar them bank slip. However, money still didn't arrive in a week. Then they tried to get in touch with client via Skype,whatsup, even called him 4 times without answer. After that, they searched client's website and found out the company email and telephone, then they presented the current situation, with the hope to get a positive reply. In the end, client himself replied them, informing that finance department has done the transfer. Finally, our company account received full amount of payment, giving a happy ending of this order.
   No matter what happened, Middle East team never think of giving up even in the most difficult time, they always trust themselves, and took positive action every moment, so they got what they want. Success belongs to those who believe in themselves,God will help us once we try the best we can.