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Microsoft Edge browser biometric security feature releases

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-16

     Earlier of this year's Build 2016 conference, Microsoft officially announce that they will introduce a completely new security technology for Edge browser --Windows Hello biometric login. Microsoft said that the current mainstream technology is still using the account name + password way for web login, so users will fall into a very tangled situation: password is too simple and easy to be hacking, password complexity will not be remembered because many passwords.
    However, Edge Browser Windows Hello will solve all this problems.
    According to Microsoft, Windows Hello include facial recognition, iris scan, fingerprint authentication three encryption authentication methods, since these three biological characteristics in each person is unique, so the security will be greatly improved, respect to input passwords, biometrics also more convenient, just in front of the camera, or touch the recognizer to complete certification.
    Windows Hello will not only for login pages, but also for mobile payments.
    Windows 10 annual update is planned in this summer, Microsoft will officially pushed the official to provide users with Windows Hello function, and it is uncertain whether Microsoft will add support for third-party browser features.
     All in all, Windows Hello is a biometric authorization mode, so you can access your Windows10 real time equipment. With Windows Hello, users only need to look at the face exposed, fingertips, you can immediately run Windows10 new device recognized. Windows Hello is not only more convenient than a password, but also more secure.
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