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Market Application and Development of Fingerprint Card Technology

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-18

To understand what is a fingerprint card technology, we must first understand what is biometrics. From a professional point of view, biometrics is a combination of computer and optical, acoustic, biosensor and biostatistic principles of high-tech means of close integration with the inherent physiological characteristics of the human body (such as fingerprints, face, iris, etc.) (Such as handwriting, voice, gait, etc.) to carry out personal identification technology. Compared with the traditional identification technology, biometrics has given the advantages of security, confidentiality and convenience to its unique application principle and way.

 Fingerprint card technology popular point, is a kind of advanced biometric identification technology with the traditional identity of the organic combination of new authentication technology. It is a traditional authentication method and modern authentication method of communication between a bridge, biometric technology because the high price has been "kept in purdah people do not know", can not really melt into the market so that the majority of consumers accepted. The traditional way of identification and authentication because of easy to destroy, copy, loss and deciphering defects, can not give people better security. Under such circumstances there has been a huge market vacuum, technology blind spots need to be filled, the implication of the great business opportunities to attract countless business intervention, fingerprint card technology also came into being.

 Fingerprint card technology is the perfect combination of biometrics and smart card technology, representing the future development trend of biotechnology and smart card technology. It solves the problem that biometrics can increase the security of identity recognition but can not participate in external circulation, so that the scope of individual activities can be expanded continuously while fully guaranteeing the security of privacy. Fingerprint technology and card technology are relatively mature technology products, the existing product and technology scale can fully meet the fingerprint card technology to further reduce costs and achieve scale requirements.

The Principle and Characteristics of Fingerprint Card Technology

In the smart card to add fingerprints, only the cardholder I can use, authentication, the need for fingerprint and fingerprint card dual authentication, the better implementation of "you are you" logic certification, the verification time of only one second, without networking Database processing, validation costs no higher than a penny, is the best biological smart card.

Its characteristics are mainly manifested in four aspects. First, the global versatility. Fingerprint card using the world's most advanced and most mature universal card technology as a carrier, and can join the global application of common standards, such as philip standards, with good global versatility. Second, high security. Fingerprint card is the use of the characteristics of the uniqueness of the fingerprint to upgrade technology, the uniqueness of the fingerprint card to give the global uniqueness of the characteristics of fingerprints, and will not forget, lost, fraudulent, can not authorize others to transfer their safety is very high. Third, the scalability. The fingerprint card has a plurality of readable and writable areas, and can be respectively written with different contents such as an electronic purse, a key, an electronic visiting card, a diploma, a bank account number and a social security number, without interfering with each other, Card functions, the real expansion of the card. Finally, the trend is. It uses fingerprints instead of passwords, photos or keys, can be used in the global scope of electronic payment, confidentiality, security, identification and other fields, but also in the Internet for online payment, online ID and password, not only more secure, but also Can lead the "real-name network" era of arrival, can bring a new way of life, more stylish and convenient.

 Comparison and Analysis of Fingerprint Card Technology

Contrast with traditional fingerprint recognition technology

Fingerprint card technology is derived from the traditional fingerprint identification technology to fingerprint identification technology core developed a new smart card technology. Compared with the traditional fingerprint recognition technology, fingerprint card technology has great advantages to better meet the market requirements.

Contrast with traditional smart cards

 Fingerprint card technology is the fingerprint technology and smart card technology, the perfect combination of the latest technology, which in the traditional smart card on the basis of a great leap forward.

 Application and Prospect

At present, the fingerprint card technology is not a wide range of market launch, but only in limited areas of the probe looked, but because it has a very high technical content, is widely accepted by the market is only a matter of time, as long as the need for identification Can be applied fingerprint card technology

 Identification field

 The field of identification is the most basic application field of fingerprint card technology, fingerprint card technology is based on fingerprint recognition extended. In the actual market applications, as long as the need for identification of areas can be applied to the technology, such as customs self-inspection channels, banks, social security systems, professional certification exam.

 Customs inspection has long been time-consuming and not user-friendly complaints, the application of fingerprint card technology can be a good solution to this problem. Visitors will be stored in the fingerprint card in advance, in the immigration clearance equipment can self-help identification, the computer to complete the immigration information collection, fingerprint identification to confirm the identity of the holder, and then release. The whole process is safe and simple, time-consuming and more humane.

In the banking / social security system and professional qualification examination application of fingerprint card technology and customs inspection is different from its main focus is to prevent the use of identity of the situation, to achieve the fingerprints into the fingerprint card, the fingerprint authentication and fingerprint Card match to confirm the identity is true, so that you can effectively prevent fraudulent money and ** events.

 Identity management

Identity management and identification of the biggest difference is: in the identification of identity based on the identification of the identity should have the authority, and give the identity of the corresponding permissions. Such areas include high security unit PC security authentication and internal WEB access control, internal staff rights management, access control and so on goods

At present, access to public and private goods and controlled goods has gradually become the focus of the entire security sector. The use of fingerprint cards for access control can effectively control the access of goods, and can accurately distinguish the properties of goods (public, private). Because the fingerprint card can be written into the items of information, and embedded in the items, the cardholder to carry items out, the first items for credit card, read the item information, and then the holder fingerprint verification, the two match Can go out, verify the fingerprint can also be set to facilitate more than people to carry out. It is like a black box of the aircraft, can automatically record the control of goods out of the event, carriers, approvers and other information and real-time updates the status of control items, maximize the utilization of office supplies.

 Smart card field

The Mifare card, led by non-contact smart card shows the advantages of its leading traditional IC card or magnetic card, Philips has thus become the industry standard for smart cards. With the outstanding features of security, uniqueness and compatibility, the fingerprint card products conforming to Philips standard can replace the identity card, e-passport, traffic card, tax card, fuel card, campus card, social security card, Financial cards, access cards, not only more secure and convenient, but also because of the fingerprint card compatible and reduce the cost of tens of billions of card system.

 In the above-mentioned bank / social security system is a typical example: in the banking / social security system, the introduction of fingerprint card as the head of household / insured person ID card, the owner / insured fingerprint fingerprint card, Only through the fingerprint + card dual authentication can receive, so that effectively prevent the occurrence of impersonator event.

 Internet applications through the Internet we can study in the network of universities, to provide real-time online services to corporate customers. We enjoy the network of e-banking, e-government services to provide a variety of convenient at the same time, followed by the Internet is difficult to identity authentication, because the network is a virtual world, it is difficult to ensure integrity. Among the many authentication, the most convenient and safe biometric technology. Fingerprint authentication which is the most practical and most economical biometric identification technology.