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Mall anti theft system installation should pay attention to what matters

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-18

  1) Do not install the detector within 0.5 meters of the metal door or within 1 meter of any metal object. Metal objects, including metal bars, display shelves, metal display cabinets, metal shopping cart. biometric attendance software
  2) Do not install the detector within 2 meters of the cash register, credit card identification device, telephone, computer, data cable, neon, air conditioning and heater.
      Mall anti-theft system installation should pay attention to three power supply matters needing attention
  3) Strict grounding Some three-core socket and no ground, power distribution cabinet needs to re-pull a line over. This is in line with safety standards on the one hand, to avoid accidents; the other hand, reduce the crosstalk of power network clutter.
   4) To ensure that the cooling system due to long hours of work, although the power box power margin, but if placed in a narrow or even semi-enclosed areas, components too fast temperature will affect the stability of work. The note 1, identify the scene the first time troubleshooting  timecard software
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