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Malaysia Airlines passenger plane lost contact with far-reaching popularity of biometrics detonated development

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-16

Biometric technology not only in the field of security plays an irreplaceable role, but also in the telecommunications equipment is also promising. Apple said in a mobile device enter fingers, eyes and even the sound of other biological information, it can be based on user identity to restrict or allow access to certain functions. Biometric technology and broad prospects in the communication equipment that allows mobile payments become more convenient, but also more security when you enter the password. Currently, Suzhou Jing Fang as the first fingerprint sensor manufacturers, already available for Apple 6 Samsung S5. Fingerprint biometric technology in China industry first, keeping pace with the current basic abroad. Experts, fingerprint recognition technology research and development work began in the early timeclock software 1980s, it has mastered the core technology, industrial development is more mature, applications are most widely used. Our technical research for biometric vein recognition, face recognition, iris recognition is carried out after 1996. In 1996, the current deputy secretary-general Tan Tieniu Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition, director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences elected Hundred, resigned lifelong teaching positions at the University of Reading, UK home, opened the international frontiers and other biometric-based identification of people The new interdisciplinary research direction, began the study of the field of biometric vein, face, iris, etc.. Just a few days, Spring City in Kunming terrorist attacks, but also to people in front LANGUAGE AND CULTURE aircraft lost contact on the biometrics technology to enhance counter-terrorism capacity has been more urgent expectations. To arrest the terrorist attacks of control, prevention and confirm the identity of the offender's conviction, as well as terrorist attacks, biometric technology should be able to become a sword fight against terrorism. Influence by fingerprint device this analysis, involving biometric technology in the field of Hanwang Technology (002362), Suzhou Jing Fang (603,005) to become the object of concern, future Handheld Terminal prospects immeasurable.


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