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Low Cost Fingerprint Scanner Price

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-12-17

Before understanding the price of fingerprint scanners, first we need to understand the types of fingerprint scanners
The following are the common types of sensors used in fingerprint scanners.
Optical sensors
Optical sensors use a specialized digital camera setup to capture fingerprint images. This is the most common type of fingerprint sensor and is inexpensive. Optical sensors have some disadvantages, such as dirty fingers that can affect the quality of the scan and they are more susceptible to spoofing than other types of sensors.
Capacitive scanners
Capacitive scanners use an array of capacitor pixels instead of visible light to produce a fingerprint image. Capacitive scanners are difficult to fake because they cannot be fooled by fingerprint images. They are more expensive than optical sensors.
Ultrasonic/ultrasonic sensors
Ultrasonic scanners use very high frequency sound waves to read fingerprint patterns. The ultrasonic sound waves reflected from the fingertip surface are measured by the sensor and produce an image of the fingerprint pattern. The performance of an ultrasonic sensor is not affected by finger surface soiling because it does not capture images like an optical sensor.
Thermal sensors
These sensors read fingerprint patterns by measuring temperature changes in the ridges and valleys of the fingertip. It requires finger movement over a linearly arranged array of narrow thermal sensors. They are small in size and require finger movement to measure the fingerprint pattern.
The cost of fingerprint recognition systems depends heavily on the type of sensor used in the device.
The use of fingerprint scanners rose dramatically in the 2010s. Consumer electronics, especially cell phones and tablet computers, make extensive use of fingerprint sensors
Why the price of a Huifan fingerprint scanner has always been a reliable investment 
While the idea of biometrics has been around for centuries, the technology has only recently become available. Huifan fingerprint time and attendance systems advance the science by making their time and attendance systems reliable, easily accessible and affordable. Their fingerprint scanners are a bargain! Here are 5 reasons why.
1. Cost
The price of the fingerprint scanner is a one-time fee - you can use the Huifan Technology fingerprint software development kit for free with the purchase of any of Huifan's fingerprint scanners. The price of Huifan fingerprint scanner is always clearly marked, never cheat any consumer. Here are the prices of Huifan fingerprint series
Secondly, you can get the software SDK for free when you buy a Huifan fingerprint scanner, meanwhile, Huifan will provide the software demo for cell phone and computer for free after purchase.
2. Qualification
Every new product of Huifan will be professionally certified before it comes to market, such as FBI certification, CE, FCC, ISO, IP certification and so on. These certifications not only prove the quality of our products, but also provide a very favorable condition for customers to occupy the local market. Why is the price of our fingerprint scanning still so cheap? Because we trust our products, we trust our customers, and long-term cooperation and mutual benefit is Huifan's will.
3. Mature development ability
Huifan's technical team has been working for more than 4 years on average, and we are familiar with the biometric field, and we are sure of the technology, so that our technical ability returns to our customers, no matter how complex the customization, how responsible the development, Huifan's mature development ability can give customers the best and most practical solution, so that the price of the product constantly meets the customer's requirements.
Ten Fingerprint Scanner Device for android
4.  Stable supply chain channels
Huifan Technology has 6000 square meters of factory area, 5 products, high efficiency assembly line mode greatly improves the efficiency, high standard quality inspection mode to reduce the after-sales process, so our fingerprint scanner price is very cheap, because of the trust in product quality
5. Market maturity
Huifan Technology has been established in 2005, from online to offline, face to face communication with customers, digging deeper into the market. 50 times of overseas visit experience, and technical departments, marketing departments together to discuss, and strive to do our development of each fingerprint instrument is in line with the market, can bring benefits to our customers.
6. Perfect service organization
From the very beginning, Huifan started to deploy our agency market, hoping to set up agencies and service points all over the world.
In 2020, our planetary plan is successfully launched and working perfectly, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, UK and so on are all served by Huifan. These partners will place orders with us once a quarter and ship to the local facilities, so that local customers can buy directly from our service facilities, the logistics time and shipping costs are not a problem.
At the same time, Huifan's products within 1 year are free warranty, more than 1 year products we will also be resolved, but may require customers to bear certain maintenance costs and freight, but because of the emergence of the service organization, in the local our customers can enjoy the maintenance, inspection services, although bear some of the necessary maintenance costs, but the logistics costs are saved!
Fingerprint scanner price and function
HFSecurity Fingerprint Scanner Price
Huifan's biometric scanner is as big as a computer mouse. It can be plugged into any computer, from start to finish, and installation is fast and takes only a few minutes. Fingerprint scanner prices and monthly subscriptions also include support. If at any time you need help, take a photo or send email to is ready to go. For any other fingerprint scanner price on almost any other product, pick up the phone and contact us. Huifan Technology is standing by to answer questions and ensure customer success!
Fingerprint scanner prices: go green and save more!
Huifan Technology's fingerprint scanner prices are targeted to match the needs of our customers in the market. The scanners have the highest read rates and are super durable and user friendly. No training or learning curve is required to master it. In addition, paper is no longer needed when digitizing with a biometric scanner. So not only can offices eliminate buddy punching, time theft and payroll fraud by using fingerprint machines, they can save extra money with green technology! Fingerprint scanners are too good to pass up at too good a price. Try it now, risk free!
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