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Kaba M Probuck Global Security Industry Will Shift the Center of Gravity

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-16

Recently, the world-renowned security equipment supply giant Swiss KABA Group announced the acquisition of domestic biometrics leader Probuck. The breaking news in the industry can be described as a ripple. Significance According to expert analysis, the current geographic footprint of KABA has been extended to more than 60 countries and regions, the Asia-Pacific region is the most important growth for KABA profit growth point, and prospects of China's security market in terms of KABA more strategic high ground The acquisition will further the Asia-Pacific region KABA, push into the Chinese market, to achieve a comprehensive access control of global integration strategic goals laid a good foundation, or to promote global security industry center of gravity shift to the Asia-Pacific region and China.
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 The current global security enterprises are mainly concentrated in Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific three plates. Currently, the global security access control system, especially key copy machine, and other areas of high security locks KABA in order to innovate as a benchmark. While China's rapid economic development has brought obvious and huge potential market for mergers and acquisitions Probuck KABA, mass enter the Chinese market, to accelerate the process of global integration strategy to create adequate conditions and power. So in the future, security companies in Europe, America and other developed countries around the KABA strategic initiatives for business restructuring and the focus shifted to become a trend. KABA CEO, said: This acquisition is important for KABA. KABA acquired company is not just a fingerprint, but the field of biometrics a complete business system, including Probuck channels, team, technology and products. After the merger, KABA will further expand the scope of business in China and the Asia Pacific region, really form the three pillars of the balanced development of the market structure in Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific region. 
Trends in world security industry will be the focus shifted Probuck usher in a new opportunity for development. Probuck restructuring after the merger upgraded to large international companies, will participate in the international market to compete on a larger security platform to further promote the diversified development of the international security industry pattern.