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Is fingerprint recognition really safe? The answer may not be so

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-04-14

With the continuous development of technology, more and more black technologies are beginning to flow into our lives, and at the same time, the ways of unlocking are becoming more and more diverse. From fingerprint punching, to Alipay's face. Biometric recognition systems are well known by the public, but is this method really safe and reliable? In the future, can we throw away cumbersome keys and passwords?
What is fingerprint recognition?
Generally speaking, fingerprint recognition is to classify and compare the fingerprints of the identified objects for discrimination. Fingerprint recognition technology, as one of biological feature recognition technology, has gradually matured in the new century and entered the field of human production and life.
The fingerprint recognition process is divided into two secondary processes, divided into four parts. The two secondary processes are fingerprint recording and cross-checking. The fingerprint recording process is composed of four parts: fingerprint collection, fingerprint preprocessing, fingerprint inspection and fingerprint template collection. The fingerprint comparison process also includes four parts: fingerprint collection, fingerprint preprocessing, fingerprint feature comparison and matching. In these two processes, the pre-processing of the fingerprint image exists, but the value of the fingerprint image and the value of the fingerprint feature seem to have the same name, but their internal algorithms and properties are completely different. In the process of introducing fingerprints, fingerprint images are obtained more frequently, and the algorithm of the single-value extraction part pays more attention to the analysis and acquisition of some feature values.
Biometric Fingerprint Scanner China Supply
Biometric Fingerprint Scanner China Supply
In recent years, fingerprint recognition technology has developed rapidly, and it is a relatively mature recognition method among many biological recognition technologies. And with the advent of the smartphone boom, fingerprint recognition has been widely used in the field of smartphones: mobile phone unlocking, payment information , Message confirmation, etc.
Of course, in addition to being widely used in mobile phones, fingerprint locks and car fingerprints are also very common. Some high-end cars are equipped with a fingerprint recognition system. Only after verification and identification of the fingerprint can the car be started, thereby playing the role of anti-theft, which shows that fingerprint recognition is very common in our daily life.
Is fingerprint recognition really safe?
Fingerprint identification is a biological model that is very common on current mobile phones, but it is not safe, or it is more of a display.
It is reported that the Talos Security Group research report shows that they spent $ 2,000 to test fingerprint recognition devices of Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and other manufacturers within a few months. The results show that fake fingerprints can deceive your phone with a success rate of 80% and can be successfully unlocked. In addition, the study also pointed out that the most susceptible devices to fake fingerprints are AICase padlocks, such as fingerprint authentication for iPhone 8, MacBookPro 2018 and Samsung S10, with a success rate of over 90%. The reason for this is that one of the core logics of fingerprint unlocking is to guess the fingerprint you have entered.
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Fingerprint recognition actually has these deficiencies
There are still some problems in the application of fingerprint recognition. In view of the similarity of fingerprints between relatives, the accuracy of the algorithm is not easy to cause recognition errors, and the fingerprint information left when touching something is easy to be cited by others, and the security is not high, which requires In the process of pattern recognition, we improve the accuracy of the algorithm, and integrate information other than fingerprints for comprehensive recognition.
Although everyone ’s fingerprints are unique, researchers at New York University and Michigan State University have found that the local characteristics between the two fingerprints are generally similar, so fingerprint-based security systems on mobile phones or other devices are more Imagine much more fragile.
The loophole of the system is that the fingerprint sensor used for identity verification does not capture the complete graphic of the user's fingerprint. On the contrary, it scans and stores only a part of the fingerprint's area, and many mobile phones also allow users to enter fingerprints of multiple fingers in the system. . As long as the user's fingerprint matches the area fingerprint saved in the system, the phone will be unlocked. According to the researchers speculation, there may be enough similarity between the fingerprint areas of different people, which is enough to create a fake "super fingerprint", which deceives the fingerprint sensor of the mobile phone. In this way, there is a certain loophole in fingerprint recognition.
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Write at the end
But in fact, we believe that no technology can be truly secure. The iteration of technology means that there is no 100% absolute security, but security issues have always been escalating offensive and defensive confrontation, so the design of security systems has never been a single point of dependence, and the more important issue is how we prevent it.
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