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The difference between Iris recognition and fingerprint recognition

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-17

Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
Iris recognition is performed based on the identification of people in the eyes of the iris, mainly used in security equipment, and high degree of confidentiality requirements place.
We know that the structure of the eye by the sclera, iris, pupil lens, retina and other components. The annular portion of the iris pupil is located in the black and white between the sclera, which contains many staggered spots, filaments, coronal, stripes, and other detailed features crypt. Iris after fetal development stage is formed throughout the life course remain the same. These characteristics determine the unique characteristics of the iris, but also determines the uniqueness of the identification. Therefore, we can iris of the eye of each person as an object of identification.
Iris recognition requires four steps, into the iris image acquisition, image preprocessing, feature extraction and feature matching.
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
Fingerprint recognition
In all biometrics, fingerprint recognition is a very common one. It includes a fingerprint image acquisition, processing, feature extraction and matching modules such as pattern recognition system. Fingerprint commonly used in the identification of needs for personnel places such as access control systems, time and attendance systems, notebook PCs, the bank's internal processing, bank payment.
Iris recognition is more professional and security than fingerprint recognition.