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Iris Recognition Technology

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-17

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Iris is an annular tissue between the pupil and the white of the human eye, it is the visible part of the eye. It is the most reliable human biological lifelong identity.
Iris recognition has some features:it has the highest uniqueness,lifelong invariable,the strongest biological activity,the highest recognition accuracy,the fastest recognition and the strongest security.
Iris biometric recognition is the technology that has less interference to the eyes.It uses quite common camera element,and it doesn’t need the user to touch the machine.In addition,it has the ability to achieve the higher performance of template matching.Therefore,it attracts many kinds of people’s attention.
In all biometric technologies,iris recognition is the most convenient and accurate one currently.The 21st century is the information technology and network technology century,also is the humanity getting out of the tie of traditional technology,and get more and more freedom century.In this kind century,biometric authentic technology as the high-tech began to flourish in the late 20th century,must occupy an increasingly important position in social life,and change the human lifestyles from the foundation.Iris,fingerprint and DNA,these body’s own characteristics,will replace the existing password and key gradually,and become accustomed to the lifestyle,to ensure the safety of personal data and the prevention of various types of criminal or economic crime furthest.
Iris recognition technology,because it has unique advantages in the collection and accuracy,will become the maintain biometric authentication technology necessarily in the future.The applications of future security control,customs import and export inspection,e-commerce and other areas,also will focus on iris recognition technology necessarily.This trend begin to show up in a variety of application in worldwide.