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Introduction of the countries using the Health Pass

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-10-08

The continuous implementation of the EU Green Passport, Green Passport is now other countries also continue to unfold.

Here is a list of some countries that are using health codes.

Italy Work and Safety for COVID-19

Mandatory scanning of Green Health Passes for entry into the workplace in Italy
Italy Green Health Code Scan Device
After a long period of debate, the Italian government issued Decree  on the new crown epidemic . NO 1. No. 127/2021 ("Decree") obliging all types of workers to present a Green Pass to enter any workplace, including third party workplaces. The Green Pass is a two-dimensional code generated by the Minister of Health to confirm (i) COVID-19 vaccination; (ii) a negative COVID-19 test result (valid for both molecular and rapid antigen tests on the European list); or (iii) recovery from COVID-19. In this case, by October 15th, 2021, all employers are required to implement appropriate organizational procedures for work, specifying how they will verify that workers strictly comply with the Green Health Passport QR Code.. In the event of non-compliance, the decree provides for administrative penalties in addition to possible ordinary disciplinary measures.
The Decree will be transformed into law on November 20, 2021, but will be fully in force at the same time.
According to the decree (in Italian, click here), from October 15 to December 31, 2021 (the end of the COVID-19 state of emergency in Italy), all workers in Italy should have a COVID-19 "green pass" to visit any workplace, unless they are exempt from vaccination under a specific medical certificate of exemption from vaccination. The Green Pass is a QR code generated by the Minister of Health to confirm: (i) COVID-19 vaccination; ii If your test result for COVID-19 is negative.
iii the COVID-19 has recovered. The employer is not obligated or required to pay for testing for COVID-19 for unvaccinated employees, except as provided in the cooperative
In such case, the Employer shall.
EU Health Code Scan Solution
By October 15, 2021: (i) adopt an internal policy-defined procedure for checking the green passes of workers entering its premises, indicating when/where and by whom the green pass will be validated; and (ii) formally appoint the person responsible for such checks (e.g., receptionist, office manager, etc.).
October 15 to December 31, 2021: Check Green Pass compliance for all workers (whether they are employees or self-employed, paid or unpaid, including third party workers). Checks should be conducted: (i) preferably upon entry to the workplace, but random checks are also allowed; and (ii) through the government application "VerificaC19", in compliance with the internal policies implemented.  
The policy states that workers are not allowed to enter the workplace to work without a green pass unless their employer has them working from home, but if they are absent from work because they do not have a green pass, their employer will not give any compensation
Unexcused absences will continue until the worker does not present a Green Pass, in any event, until December 31, 2021. No termination or disciplinary action will be allowed during unexcused absences.
Workers do not need to show a green pass to work from home. However, as the Italian government clarifies in its FAQ (available, in Italian, here), workers cannot use the teleworking (so-called "smart work") system to avoid the Green Pass requirement.
The wording of the decree, which is unclear and could be improved when translated into law, states that, in addition to the above, no Green is: i) suspended for up to 20 days after five days of unexcused absence, in any case until December 31, 2021; and replaced by fixed-term workers. ii) suspended for up to 20 days after five days of unexcused absence, in any case until December 31, 2021; and replaced by fixed-term workers.
Companies that do not comply with the above obligations are subject to an administrative penalty of 400 to 1,000 euros (which may be doubled in case of a second violation).
Workers who enter the workplace without a green pass will be subject to an administrative penalty of €600 to €1,500 and may be subject to disciplinary action.

Ho Chi Minh City Trials "Green" Passes for Holders to Avoid Covid Restrictions

In August 2021, a crossroads in District 7, an area with a low risk of Covid, where Ho Chi Minh City plans to try out a "green pass" code for vaccines. Photo courtesy of VnExpress/Quynh Tran
Ho Chi Minh City will experiment with green passes in areas where the risk of the new crown epidemic is low
It is expected that the green pass will allow holders to carry out certain activities, such as domestic and international travel and participation in public events, without the normal coronavirus restrictions.
The release will help the city monitor people's activities and events according to safety standards, said Lim Dinh Thanh, director of the city's Information and Communications Department, on Monday.
Passes will be issued based on vaccination status, antibody testing and other medical criteria, he said.
He said there are too many coronavirus control apps that inconvenience users and authorities, and the city plans to consolidate them into one app.
The city is also requiring the government to provide QR codes for vehicles used by pass holders, he said.
EU Health Code Scan Device

Israel Enforcement of New Green Pass Begins Thursday; Venues Ordered to Scan QR Codes

Enforcement of New Passes The senior coronavirus cabinet decided Sunday that green passes will begin Thursday as Israel continues its efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus.
As part of the new rules, venues and businesses that require a Green Pass to gain access must first scan the permit's QR code before granting access to its holder. QR codes have been around since the introduction of the Green Pass system designed to curb the spread of coronaviruses,but most businesses have given up on using QR codes to scan and verify pass
But with the advent of the new passes on Sunday, authorities have promised a massive enforcement operation starting Thursday to ensure compliance with the stricter requirements.
Each Green Pass holder's QR code must now be scanned using the Ministry of Health's app and compared to their ID to verify that they are allowed in. The code is designed to make passes more difficult to forge.

Spain, Catalan discos reopen: Green Passes and masks

Discos and other nightclubs in Catalonia, Spain, will reopen from the evening of Oct. 8, after the regional court authorized the introduction of a Covid Green pass that must be presented to gain access. The maximum capacity of the venue is 70% of the outdoor and indoor areas. Inside, masks must be worn.

Green pass, employers will be able to predict control to manage shifts

For "organizational needs," employers may require verification of a Green Pass prior to the start of a shift. This is provided for in the text of the CDM-approved capacity enhancement decree. "If requested by the employer for a specific organizational need - it reads - workers must communicate through the necessary notifications to meet them."
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