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HF SECURITY: Introduction of IRIS Recognition Access Controller with Time Attendance IR710

Author: huifan   Time: 2018-03-05

HF-IR710 is our IRIS verification time attendance and access control model, Powerful function and friendly interface,adopting SQL Server database ensures data security, perfect data management function. Can widely applied variously verification occasion , such as time attendance, access control, test management, holder mount guard management and so on.


IR710 Iris Recognition Access Controller with Time Attendance


Model Number HF-IR710
Size 182mm*76mm*230mm
Features Iris recognition embedded devices
Registration Speed <1s
Identification Speed ≤300ms
Working Distance 130-190mm
Work Voltage DC5V
Peak Current ≤1.5A
Work Temperature -10°-50°
Eyes Overlooking Angle ≤25°
Operation Tips Voice and optical guidance