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HF Security: Introduction of Biometric Fingerprint Access Control with software

Author: huifan   Time: 2018-03-06

HF-F20 can be verified by fingerprint, RFID and password, supporting rich time zone door opening,anti-passback and double door lock exclusive. It has Tamper alarm, Duress alarm, Door illegal open alarm, Door open timeout alarm, Verification failure alarm, Fire linking alarm,etc


F20 Fingerprint Access Control software


Working Mode Offline, Online
Verification  Fingerprint, ID card standard (or IC card, optional), Password
 Combination Card+Fingerprint,Card+Fingerprint+Password, Fingerprint+Password
 Fingerprint Verification Time < 1.5S
 False Rejection Rate < 0.01%
False Acceptance Rate

< 0.0001%

Fingerprint capacity 1000 pcs
Card capacity 1000 pcs
 Attendance record 130,000 pcs
 Machine size 190 * 80 * 33 mm
Screen 2.4 inches color display
Displayed language Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Thailand, Spanish, Arabic etc.
 Communication Mode RS485,USB,U disk etc.
Working Environment Humidity 20%~60%
Working Environment Temperature 0℃~45℃
Power Supply  12V DC,Idle Current: 100 mA, Workint Current : 400 mA