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HFSecurity Face Recognition Access Control Device Introduction

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-08-25

Face access control is usually not only the stand-alone system of the all-in-one machine, but also involves the management platform, client software and other software components. And face access control all-in-one machine on the stand-alone software is also an important part of the face access control product software. Generally speaking the software of face access control involves several aspects.
  • Equipment-side software.
Refers to the offline access control management software running on the face access control all-in-one machine or combined products to achieve face detection and line prevention comparison functions.
Face Recognition Face Access Control Equipment side software
  • Platform management software.

Refers to the management software running on the server host or cloud platform, realizing face library management, device management and other functions.

  • Client software.

Usually refers to the access control management software running on the client computer, to achieve the interactive interface to the device, to the user.

HFSecurity Biometric solution

Face access control business process
Face access control usually business process involves equipment initialization, user registration and library management, face detection and library comparison, alarm linkage, operation and maintenance and other step process, the steps are interrelated, each increase in a device or user are involved to cycle similar business processes.
  • 1. Device initialization
Face access control equipment initialization generally includes the following.
Initialization of device parameters, such as device name, location and other information.
network parameters initialization, such as the IP address of the device, the way to access the external network, etc..
face detection parameters initialization, such as the type of camera used, face detection algorithm parameters configuration, etc..
initialization of face comparison parameters, such as some configuration parameters for face comparison.
Initialization of the access control linkage configuration, configuration and access control device protocol docking and other ways, etc.
Some other parameters initialization related to the system or networking.
HFSecurity Face Recognition Time Attendance software
  • 2. Face library registration and management
Facial access control to compare faces, the first comparison of the list of faces to register the management, usually using batch import or user-by-user registration to achieve the establishment of the bottom of the face access control library.
After the establishment of the face library, also involves the addition of the list of people, update or delete the list of people and other operations.
When it comes to visitor management functions, visitors need to be invited, registered, arrival alarms and automatic deletion of expired visitor privileges.
  • 3. Face access control comparison and linkage
Biometric Face access control comparison is usually done automatically by the face access control equipment after the initialization of the device and user data. Face access control in the comparison of the results passed also and access control and other modules for alarm linkage.
  • 4. Operation and maintenance and data analysis
Face access control access records, alarm records, visitor records, user and device permissions and other data, can be used for background inquiries or data export.

Equipment-side software

The software running on the face access control comparison device is usually called the device-side software. According to the device side software operating system is generally divided into Android device side software, Linux device side software and Windows device side software. The current Android-based device software occupies the mainstream position; Linux device software is usually stable but may be relatively simple and difficult to expand, and Windows device software is usually less stable.
Face Recognition client software
  • Device initialization.
This refers to the initial configuration of the basic information, network information, face detection information, face library information, operation and maintenance, upgrade management and other functions on the device side. Device initialization is often the first stage of installing the device.
  • Face library registration.
Refers to adding and managing the face library at the device side. Android device software, for example, in the device side of the face library management is often relatively simple, providing only basic personnel to add, modify and delete functions, more functions need to be extended in the background management software. If the face access control device support network management, also involves the device locally registered face list library to synchronize with the background registered face list library to update the operation.
  • Linkage control.
Usually refers to the connection interface and docking protocol of the docking access controller to achieve the control function of the face access controller. Linkage control usually involves switch, 485 bus or Wegen protocol compatibility issues.
  • Data query statistics.
Equipment-side software should be able to support the basic face comparison records, access records, permission records query and export management and other functions.
biometric face recognition access control

Platform management software

Facial Time Attendance Platform management software is the management software running on the LAN networking host or Internet cloud platform to achieve unified management of multiple access control devices and access management functions of multiple clients. Platform management software is the core software to achieve face access control networking, the management scale and business functions of the platform management software determines the scale of the entire access control system network and the ability to manage and maintain.
  • 1. Device connection management
Platform management software is a basic function of multiple devices for networking management, monitoring the status of each device and the synchronization of data for each device.
The status management of each access device requires regular communication with each device to obtain the real-time status of the device and remote operation management of the device.
Synchronization of data on multiple devices is an important function of the platform management, for example, the user set access rights, then when the system adds multiple devices platform software is responsible for synchronizing the user's rights data to multiple access control devices within a specified range.
  • 2. User database management
Platform management software to achieve a unified data management function for all users and groups of users involved. Platform user management generally supports batch user operations, user rights management and user record management.
Users are divided into different types such as system administrator users, ordinary users and guest users, and the platform management should support the differentiated management of many different users.
  • 3. Record management
The platform is responsible for recording the basic data, configuration authority, access records and other data of all users of all devices, and supports the export and backup of record management.
  • 4.System management
The platform generally supports automatic upgrade of software version, system configuration and basic configuration of equipment and users.
HFSecurity face recognition access control device
Client software
Biometric Face Recognition Access Control Client software refers to the software installed on the computer or cell phone and other devices, directly connected to the management platform, which can realize the interactive interface of the platform. Client software is usually WEB version or APP program version, or even completely through WeChat, Baidu, Ali's applet to achieve the basic operations of the client.
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
  • 1.Bulk device management
In addition to the basic device management functions, the client software can realize the batch addition, batch modification or batch deletion of devices. The client software presents the functions of the platform interactively.
Device management usually involves the configuration management of the region to which the device belongs and the organization to which it belongs.
  • 2. Bulk user management
Client software can realize individual management and batch management of users, and user management is the main function of client software. It usually involves the organization management of users, adding and modifying users, deleting users, etc.
  • 3. Visitor management
Visitors in the access control system is a special user, that is, after the configuration of the user after a specified period can be automatically removed by the system privileges of the user.
  • 4. Data management
The client supports a variety of data query, export and other functions for device data, user data, access data, etc.
  • 5. Operation and maintenance
Client software should support the configuration of the basic system information, configuration of software upgrade information, configuration of some system necessary information.
In summary: face access control hardware is the skeleton of the product, face access control software is the soul of the product. Face access control software involves several types of equipment-side software, platform software and client software. The business richness of the software function, the ease of use of the software function is the most important manifestation of the face access control utility .
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