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Intelligent fingerprint lock or civil security new entrance

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-18

Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer

In the civil security development process, with the smart home market blue ocean development, and now people's favor of the smart home makes it flourishing, the intelligent giants have entered the production of intelligent product layout industry market, in the field of civil security Wind and water. As one of the most common entrances of smart home, the use of fingerprint lock is very wide, not only used in smart phones, access control systems in some large areas are also common intelligent fingerprint lock, of course, the most reflected in the modern family life. People's safety awareness is gradually improving, the living environment for the security requirements are constantly changing, so the fingerprint lock has become a hot spot, with the development of society, the future or will become indispensable in the smart home.
   However, in the smart home landing process, the emergence of a series of security issues, but more worrying, even the so-called the most secure and reliable fingerprint lock problems, that what products can protect people's safety! Does the smart fingerprint lock really need it?
    Fingerprint lock as access control identification of derivative products, relying on biometric technology development, foreign countries have gradually emerged into more families. For our domestic market, the penetration rate of fingerprint lock is far less than its reputation as a fire. However, for the security market, fingerprint lock can have the outbreak of the market potential, with the continuous progress of science and technology, high-end fingerprint lock market gradually grow, the development prospects can not be ignored. Fingerprint lock is now the development of intelligent home industry's preferred products, is leveraging a smart home and security industry behind the 100 billion market.
    Smart fingerprint lock so hot, really no security problem? With the rapid development of social economy, and now thieves theft "technical level" is also rising. It is understood that the professional unlock the master can seconds to open the current security door. Anti-theft door to the thief's patronage is hard to detect.
    The general fingerprint lock, as long as the password or with your fingers will be able to open the door, fashion and fast, so people tend to facilitate, will have the home lock into a fingerprint lock. But there are some people who do not trust the safety factor of this fingerprint lock and ask the question, "is the high price is not able to achieve the same safety factor, is the fingerprint lock really safe?"
    We are the main selling point of the official fingerprint lock is the key can not use the key, and no special rigid selling point, but also can not prevent the door, can not control the window; fingerprint lock mechanical lock core is the case of technology unlock is not uncommon, and even a " Unlock "means," tin paper unlock "is a new type of" unlock "means, you need to use special foil tools to open the lock. In this way a security door lock to open, only a few seconds time. How scary data, a few seconds, your fingerprint lock may be cracked, many criminals will use this method into the room to commit crimes, resulting in a certain life and property hazards.