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Intelligent Security Application Based on Internet of Things

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-18

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    The birth of an epoch-making technology, will inevitably lead to industrial restructuring, and even replace the old service system, the formation of a new business model, which for our security industry, is an opportunity. Intelligent security is to achieve a local intelligent, local sharing and local feature sensing. It is because of the local, this kind of local information, only for the Internet of Things in the field of intelligent security provides a display space. There biometrics attendance system are also a lot of entry points before the Internet of things and intelligent security, data collection is the most basic work of intelligent security and Internet of things, how to make the data collected in the context of the incident with the intelligent perception is now in the field of security is a popular Of the topic, the specific application of how to take time, but it is certain that we are now a lot of intelligent security applications are not within the scope of things, but look at things in the intelligent security applications, or some trajectory to follow.
    At present, the main application direction of the Internet of Things, intelligent home, intelligent transportation, telemedicine, intelligent campus and so on have the application of security products, and even many applications is achieved through the free time management software traditional security products. For example: intelligent transportation, the main application of the Internet of Things is the vehicle payment, and traffic management and vehicle management, are through the security system to achieve the video surveillance system. At present, video surveillance in the intelligent traffic High capacity Access applications in a major role in the Internet of Things is only auxiliary, but the future trend, with the popularity of car networking, Internet of Things will gradually occupy the main position in the intelligent traffic, and video surveillance is still converted As an important auxiliary web based time clock software role. Another example: Wuxi Institute of Internet of Things drafted the airport boundary sensor network anti-intrusion system technical requirements for large-scale building energy-saving monitoring of the sensor network system technical requirements and other two industry application specifications by the Ministry of Industry approved the formal project. Its essence is also the alarm system perimeter to prevent, the difference is that the front-end products using a new technology and new materials only, the alarm or the need to deal with the alarm center system to achieve.
    Smart home is under the influence of things in the home of the embodiment of intelligent, intelligent home through the Internet of things technology will be home a variety of equipment (such as home appliances, lighting systems, curtain control, home security, etc.) to solve together to solve security, Conditioning, lighting management, health monitoring, home appliance control, emergency services and other issues. In the security aspects of the application of intelligent networking business functions related to: and smart phones linked to the wireless wireless lock, to protect the doors and windows of the wireless window auto door lock magnetic door to protect the important drawer of the wireless smart drawer lock, anti-illegal intrusion into the wireless infrared Detectors, leak-proof gas-fired gas detectors, fire-resistant wireless smoke fire detectors, anti-wall overturned solar full electronic fence, leak-proof wireless leak detector.
    As for the building of intelligent security, things are much better. According to the National Security Center statistics, there are already many cities began to use Internet technology security system for new anti-theft window. And the traditional fence-style anti-theft window is different from ordinary people in the 15 meters away from the basic can not see the anti-theft window, approached will find the window covered with a layer of thin network, separated by a root 5 cm thin wire composition, And with the district security system monitoring platform. Once the wire is hit or cut, the system will immediately alarm. From the fire point of view, this new anti-theft window is also easy for residents to escape and get relief.