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Infrared Face Recognition Technology Solves Drivers Fatigue Driving Problem

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-21

Face recognition is the key to the drowsiness system
Most of the current market for the driver fatigue driving program is through the real-time acquisition of the driver's facial special diagnosis, especially the eye part of the state image continuous alignment test to determine whether the driver is in a state of fatigue, and this process, face recognition is the key. However, the current face recognition technology based on visible light is affected by the light, especially in the outdoor car, its ever-changing environment, visible light face recognition technology there is no way to solve the impact of light on the recognition effect.
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Near infrared wave is the first choice to reduce the impact of ambient light
In order to reduce the impact of ambient light on the imaging, the intensity of the active light source needs to be higher than ambient light, but the light will interfere with the human eye and reduce the user's comfort. Therefore, the active light source is preferably located in the invisible band such as infrared, Wait. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet light on the human skin and eyes caused permanent damage, COSCO infrared imaging will lose most of the surface of the object information, generally not used for object imaging, so the near infrared band to become the best choice, such as: 850nm.
Near-infrared face recognition technology largely solves the effects of light in face recognition, which provides a high-quality face image that is not affected by ambient light for face recognition. The active near infrared face imaging device generally includes the following units: 1) In the corresponding band intensity is higher than the ambient light of the active near infrared light source, the active light source and the camera placed in the same position; 2). Can receive near infrared light camera ; 3). Narrow-band filter, placed outside the camera lens, allowing near infrared light to pass through while filtering ambient light. As the active light source will be with the distance increases and attenuation, so the distance between people and light source (camera) is generally 50-100 cm.
Once the impact of light is solved, the car drowsiness system based on near infrared face recognition technology can provide functions such as driver identification, fatigue driving test, time-out driving test and driver replacement detection. Through real-time face, human eye detection , Found abnormal alarm to remind the driver to pay attention to safe driving.