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India Biometric Database the World's Largest

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-16

Unique identification (Unique Identification) project implemented in India (also known as Aadhar Project), completed earlier this week to collect demographic and biometric data, the total amount of over 500 million inhabitants of India? Is the kind in the world biometrics The maximum size of a project. The implementation of the project for several years has been accompanied by sound privacy and security as well as other aspects of the controversy comes from. The latest progress Aadhar project has attracted about its capture, store and manage data concerns the method, especially MongoDB is a US start-up companies in which the role. MongoDB is a non-relational database (NoSQLdatabase) start-up companies, last year raised money from the CIA funded by In-Q-Tel institutions. In-Q-Tel is an independent, non-profit organization capital, supported by the CIA and other US intelligence agencies of some behind. Over the past few days, several Indian media reports quoted the country's political parties and activists' opinions, doubts Aadhar project of private data stolen, directed at the person in charge of the project's co-founder of Infosys NandanNilekani. There are also some reports MongoDB article will be included among the target of criticism.

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Governments around the world are increasingly wary of the US National Security Agency (NSA) eavesdropping operation, there is no contact with any US government intelligence agencies are ignited things. Moreover, because of the imminent general elections in India next year, the country's political opinions utterance is to achieve an unprecedented level. The timing of allegations such as these can not come again bad, at least for this huge project is so ambitious identity, Aadhar is waiting for the bill through Congress, to be in this year exclusively as a constitutionally recognized institution. I visited Bangalore (Bangalore) of Aadhar project office, to be honest, I was introduced to the staff according to information statement, although it was accused of large data included in the contract to share content with MongoDB, in fact, we are using MongoDB's Aadhar open source, and does not touch the sensitive data. This meeting is also an opportunity to learn on Earth largest biometric database how it works, how to deal with security and privacy risks. Moreover, India's unique identification bureau (theUnique Identification Authorityof India) refute any US agency to share with India the national data charges. Aadhar For India, what does it mean? First, to clarify the context of talking about Aadhar, what this project means for a country like India it? The country has more than 500 million people do not have any formal identification (ID) or the like vouchers, which led to a number of other issues, such as no way to receive government subsidies, registered a bank account, apply for loans, obtain a driver's license and so on. Aadhar database project, now to add one million Indian nationals speed in recording every day, is expected to be completed late next year registered about 12 million people, will become the planet's largest biometric database referrals.