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In the Future biometrics market will exceed 20 billion in China

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-16

Samsung patented a new iris scan biometric fingerprint door lock through the US Patent and Trademark Office approval earlier, and described in detail how it works. At the same time, Samsung said, including notebooks, tablet PCs, smart phones, wearable device, networking and digital cameras all can use this iris scanning technology. In addition, some news said: the next generation of Samsung Galaxy Note7 will be equipped with an iris scan function.

Recent Samsung has started a small test chopper, which builts in India released iris recognition tablet Galaxy Tab Iris, and plans to iris recognition technology which is integrated into Samsung's other electronic products. According to Sammobile reports, Samsung iris scanning technology will be applied in the new flagship machine biometrics devices GalaxyNote7. The iris image scanning module provided by the Korean technology company Patron, you can identify the characteristics of the user 266 on the eye than traditional fingerprint identification only identified 40 characteristics of fingers , iris recognition technology is more accurate.

Biometric Language things first layer perception layer, used in camera, fingerprint reader, voice recognition and other kinds of sensors terminals. With the rapid development of the networking acl access control list industry, networking and the growing popularity of the perception layer termination, biometrics industry will continue to expand the scale, it is estimated that the future of biometrics market will exceed 20 billion.

Face recognition has a non-contact, friendly and direct, fast, wide extensional features in security, education, pay, defense and other fields has great potential. From a global perspective, identity recognition belongs to the field of market segments, the scale is still in the early release, a technology research and development and the commercial promotion also be hardware support.

2015, face recognition policies in education, finance, information security and other fields introduced, with the safe city, rich in railway applications, we are optimistic about the industry, double-resonant driving companies to release results by safe city, through face recognition technology landing. In the case of face recognition technology leading hardware, the future is expected to fall by supporting hardware acceleration.