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ID R&D launches improved voice authentication product

Author: huifan   Time: 2018-06-15

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ID R&D has launched a new version of its AI-based voice biometric security product IDVoice, which it says increases authentication accuracy by 40 percent, and that IDVoice and its behavioral solution IDBehave are being offered on the Samsung SDS Digital Identity Platform.
Upgrades to IDVoice include capabilities to address spoofing attacks using recorded voices, computer-generated voices, and computer-modified speech. The software’s algorithms now also have a smaller footprint, taking up as little as 2MB, making them suitable for mobile and IoT devices. The improvement in accuracy is achieved with a combination of the proprietary p-vector approach and AI methodology.
“Our goal at ID R&D is to make logging into a device, app, or website completely stress-free and frictionless,” said Alexey Khitrov, CEO of ID R&D. “We’re excited to work with Samsung SDS to offer our advanced AI-based voice biometrics, anti-spoofing, and keystroke dynamics. A rapidly growing number of companies are turning to ID R&D to minimize the time taken to complete security checks and maximize the time customers spend on apps, websites, or devices. The ID R&D team, with over 25 years of experience in biometrics, is delivering simplified authentication for end users across a variety of industries including education, healthcare, banking, finance, automotive, and more – while offering unmatched security for vendors and organizations.”
“The Samsung SDS Digital Identity Platform features Nexsign, a FIDO certified risk-based biometric authentication solution, which forgoes passwords in favor of biological information, such as fingerprint, facial or voice scan, to authenticate customers,” wrote Richard Lobovsky, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at Samsung SDSA in a recent blog post. “ID R&D’s voice biometrics allows Nexsign to verify user identities by the way they speak (voice biometrics) or interact with devices (behavioral biometrics). Through the platform, users create a passphrase that could be as simple as a favorite sports team or the name of a pet, which they authenticate by speaking that passphrase into the phone.”
ID R&D was recently accepted into the Google Cloud Startup Program.