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Huifan people's Dragon Boat Festival

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-07-18

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Dragon Boat Festival is one of the traditional Chinese festivals. On this day,the Chinese will eat zongzi, watch the dragon boat race, and hang artemisia Argyl to celebrate this festival.


On the Dragon Boat Festival,  all the staff of HFSecurity gathered together and divided them into four groups to hold the Dragon Boat Festival Food Contest.  In the high-tech industry, innovation and vitality are essential. The collision between Chinese tradition and Western cuisine, Huifan people bring their creativity to the fullest.


In this food competition, traditional food scorpions are essential.  Everyone teamed up and played their brainstorming in the contest, made creative mushroom bacon zongzi and Babao zongzi.  In addition to zongzi, we also made delicious lotus leaf glutinous rice chicken.  HFSecurity likes a red leaf, and staff that is from different areas like glutinous rice,the rice is wrapped in the eucalyptus leaves. We are independent,our growth need each other.


In addition to the traditional Chinese cuisine, we also made Western-style egg tarts and pizza. Everything can't stop the innovation of Huifan people in pizza.  We not only made traditional bacon cheese pizza but also creatively combined bacon, corn, green pepper, and cheese to make the pie.


Throughout the process are full of happiness and laughter, everyone collaborates, exerts their strengths, and injects their creativity into the food.  This is also a reflection of the spirit of innovation, creativity and win-win cooperation which is in HFSecurity' blood