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Huifan Technology successfully customized a variety of requirements for facial recognition temperature for customers

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-12-02

Chongqing Huifan Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional face recognition access control terminal manufacturer. It also has 5 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch and other different planning models. The products and the market have a high response, the equipment is stable, and the experience is rich. During the epidemic period, Huifan Technology's customized facial recognition functions from countries around the world have met local needs. Follow my steps and take a look at what facial recognition can subvert our senses and have very useful functions.
1. Customization Face Recognition 4G  Demand  Function
There are still many places in the world where the level of network infrastructure cannot reach the speed of China's network. Their network may still stay at 2G, 3G, or even not connected to the Internet, but the need for security is that every country and everyone urgently needs it. The problem to be solved: The level of infrastructure actually determines the standard of living to a certain extent. People's living standard cannot reach the ability to work with a laptop per capita, but we have to go back to the headquarters at any time to report information and make work arrangements.
One of Huifan's customers has such a situation. They want to invest in a batch of access control machines for facial recognition and temperature measurement to detect the arrival and exit of personnel and a temperature situation every day, which is of great help in controlling the new crown epidemic. However, the area where they are located is underdeveloped, sometimes there is no network, there is no way to download the data, and their headquarters is in another place, once a month, they need to bring the data back to the headquarters. Similarly, they cannot afford computers. They have been researching in the market for a long time, and they have also contacted and discussed with facial recognition solutions, but they were not able to meet their requirements at the same time. At this time, they discovered on Google that Huifan has 15 years of experience in biometric solutions. Of the manufacturers, Huifan has its own software team and its own modeling and appearance design team, so this requirement is actually very simple for Huifan. After one month of docking, design, and testing, Huifan Technology has completed the customer Customized needs. The QR code data to be stored in the RA08T device itself, and can be downloaded via USB. It is for places where there is no network, download the QR code information via USB, and view the records. Don't need software for management .
HFSecurity RA08T Face Recognition 4G Function
2. Face Recognition Temperature Access Control with HDMI
High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a fully digital video and sound transmission interface, which can transmit uncompressed audio and video signals. HDMI can be used for set-top boxes, DVD players, personal computers, TVs, game consoles, integrated amplifiers, digital audio and televisions. HDMI can send audio and video signals at the same time. Because the audio and video signals use the same wire, the installation difficulty of the system line is greatly simplified.
The facial temperature recognition access control system on the market transmits information through the interface of the device itself and the speaker. This transmission method is suitable for areas with small personnel, small areas, and convenient management. A Canadian customer of Huifan, he is the person in charge of a Canadian subway agency. We all know that the subway is very crowded, and there are countless people coming and going every day. Traditional facial recognition access control can't effectively isolate abnormal temperatures and familiar faces. The abnormal personnel were detected in time, and the equipment was reporting abnormalities, but the personnel in the subway were particularly noisy, covering up the sound of the equipment itself and unable to transmit the abnormal results to the security personnel. It is difficult to control the epidemic. Canadian customers told Huifan's team about their confusion. Huifan adheres to the original intention of being customer-oriented and does everything possible to solve problems for customers. Huifan's technical research conducted on-site inspections of the flow of people and sound transmission in China's subways. Constantly check information and compare products on the market. I finally discovered that an HDMI interface can be added to the device. An HDMI device is connected to the large screen for transmission. Not only the picture is transmitted, but the sound can also be synchronized. The picture transmission solves the problem of small picture limitation of the device itself. Whether personnel are registered, whether they wear masks, and whether the temperature is abnormal are all displayed on the big screen.
HFSecurity RA08T Face Recognition Temperature HDMI Function
3. Facial Temperature Measurement Device with questionnaires function
In China, we didn’t go to a place. In the subway or the airport, we would scan the QR code to fill in the recent itinerary, physical health, and whether there was any abnormality. This data was uploaded to the national epidemic prevention and control department, and everyone’s body in the national team. The health status is well understood, so the epidemic in China will be controlled so effectively. It is because our physical condition is detected at any time.
A customer of Huifan has been lamenting the speed of China. When they learned that we had this kind of questionnaire survey, their heart was moved and they started to do it immediately. But because their technical team's ability is not so perfect, they decided to hand over to Huifan's technical team to customize R&D and help them solve the questionnaire.
For USA market, we customized questionnaires, once visitor&stranger&employees come, after temperature measurement, pop up questions(normally about healthy or travelling, can be edit or chane) to answer by touch pen, email alert if Abnormal occurrence. It can be used for hospitals , clinics, dentists, schools, universities etc
HFSecurity Face Recognition Questionnaire
4. COVID-19 Face Recognition with RealTime QR Code
In China, during the epidemic, we always check your itinerary code and health code, and this code must be the same day, this day code can detect your physical condition. We also customized this function to check the QR code at any time for customers who customize the questionnaire.
For universities, QR code customization is to check if same day code(coz everyday it will refresh QR code after answer questions on their own platform), then checking mask wearing then temperature.
Face recognition with relatime health code RA08T HFSecurity
In addition to the above, we have also customized many functions for customers, such as Barcode function (1D, 2D, PDF417), access control push and pull function, HID Card (HID Card module, all in one 26&32 bits, 125khz and 13.56MHz ID and Mifare) Card), package diy.
If you have the same needs, you can contact us, and if you have other needs for customization, you can also contact us.
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