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Huifan Team Happy Travel in August

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-18

Huifan insists on the concept “to work seriously, and to live happily”. In the work, we try our hardest to fight for our target. But at leasure time, we enjoy life and relax ourselves at will.

In August, some of our colleagues went to Palao to enjoy beautiful beach and sunshine, taste sea food and fishing or diving. Some of attendance tracking system them went to Yunan, southwest of China. They accompanyed their family to visit some places of historic interest and cultural sites like Dali fingerprint access control Tower, Lijiang ancient city. Some others flied to Xiamen, they went for boat, feeling the touch with sea. They left their laugh and beautiful smile in the Gulang island, they walked through Xiamen University and review the campus atmosphere.

There is an old Chinese saying “you must know how to relax before fingerprint reader you learn how to work”, which emphasize the importance of enjoyment. Let’s work hard and live happily.

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