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Huifan Spirit-Every effort must be transferred to good result

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-17

Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer

Every individual in Huifan always fight for the last minute to get orders. Take the Shanghai client as example. This client was looking for fingerprint scanner for their client’s Thailand supermarket, they ever cooperated 200pcs fingerprint scanner HF4000 model with our company in 2015, this time they need 100pcs. But there biometric fingerprint door lock are 2 more Chinese suppliers who were competing with us. They provide the similar model as our scanner with cheaper price, also they contacted with their boss and Thailand clients directly. We explain with my client that hfteco we have stable quality, strong technical support and nice after-sale service etc. fingerprint time attendance system They do agree with me but still not accept our price. Then they told me they had already placed order from another Chinese supplier with cheaper price. However, our sales and management never give up, we called their manager 3 times to communicate with them, hope our two companys can work together to serve their clients very well. Finally, our management adjust our price and give them better price than that competitor. In the end, our client was touched by our insistence and decided to cooperate with our company.

We strongly believe our products, our company, our ability and our power. Miracle will happen if one who trust himself and persist in his goal.