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HFsecurity:How to use usb fingerprint scanner hf4000

Author: huifan   Time: 2018-05-22

1.SDK will come with the device. 
2.Put your fingerprint correctly as in below picture, and avoid wet finger. 
how to use fingerprint scanner
3. The reader supports Android, Windows and Linux. 
Product Picture  
fingerprint scanner
Technical Index Name Index Value
FRR Less than 0.001%
FAR Less than 0.00008%
Interface USB standard,  USB2.0, RS232, RS485
Operating temperature -20 ° C to 60 ° C
Humidity 0%~98%
Operating voltage 5 V
Anti-static > 15 KV
Pixel resolution 500DPI    
Durable it can be used more than 1,000,000 times
Support O.S Android, Windows, Linux
Image crawl area
fingerprint scanner
Fingerprint image
Fingerprint image size is 256 * 288, ie 16384 bytes. 8 RAW format images. When using the function to get the fingerprint images, receive image data array declaration can not be less than 73,728. Can be generally defined as 73,728.
Fingerprint image resolution of 500DPI
Fingerprint template
Fingerprint template, the fingerprint is the set of feature points by the fingerprint feature points.
In the SDK, the fingerprint template into a reference template and matching templates. Reference template is generated when the registration of fingerprints, which are generated by multiple fingerprint images. Matching a fingerprint template is generated fingerprint image. General use templates to match with the reference template than to confirm recognition results.
Reference template size is fixed, for 512 BYTE.
Matching template size is fixed for 256BYTE. 
USB interface
1)Micro USB 
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
usb fingerprint scanner
Demo on Windows
1.Connect with Windows OS by USB
2.Find the APP in our SDK, Test as below 
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
3.Open Device-Enroll Template-Match or Capture as below
fingerprint scanner sdk
Demo on Android
Note: with Micro USB, or OTG cable, and the Android device must be with OTG function.
1.Install APK from our SDK
2.Connect by Micro USB
3.Open the APP as belo picture
4.Open Device
5.Enroll and Match
fingerprint scanner sdk
Set Fingerprint Standard
1. Connect the reader with PC
2. Install Huifan SetTool as below 
fingerprint scanner sdk
3. Open SetTool
4. As below picture, if you need ISO/ANSI, pls choose ISO Format 2
fingerprint scanner sdk
5. Then click Set to confirm
Test video link; for more videos pls share Huifan Tech on YouTube.
Identity authentication in Bank, Telecom, Mobile Time Attendance, Hospital, Social Insurance, Security, Police, Immigration, Logistic, etc
For more support and service, pls contact Huifan Team, or contact
2 years warranty for the machine
1 year warranty for the main easy to wear accessories
Any man-made damage is not included in the warranty
The final confirmation for above is based on the HuiFan team.