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HF SECURITY:How to use fingerprint recognition products in bank

Author: huifan   Time: 2018-03-14

If your country does not have a national database, after receiving our products, you can use our free SDK for secondary development. After the software development is completed, you need to register personnel. and then to use cards, withdraw money or send money, people must use fingerprints to identify them. This is equivalent to using fingerprints instead of passwords. If your country has a national database ( if you had used fingerprinting elections during national elections), the same For the words on the ATM, Citizens do not need to enter passwords when they operate, and they also can avoid passwords being stolen by others, make it safer and more convenient.


biometric fingerprint bank application


HFSECURITY fingerprint mobile device is compatible with NADRA, has PSAM slot, with FBI fingerprint sensor. Financial service providers use it to build trusted and innovative system for bank and financial institutions, e-payment, microfinance, etc. , if you have any question please contact us freely, we are happy to talk with you!