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HF SECURITY:How to use biometric recognition products in SIM card registration.

Author: huifan   Time: 2018-03-15

Some countries have restrictions on the number of citizens using SIM cards. Government will not fully count how many cards they have before they use fingerprints. If they do not use a national database, they can use our free SDK to develop an app if they need manage it in one area. After the software has registered people in the entire region, local people can only buy SIM cards in this area. When they buy a card, they need to verify the fingerprints. And the app  will show how many they bought before and how many more they can buy or can not buy. This facilitates the registration and use of SIM cards by government statistics and management.


Bluetooth Fingerprint Reader For SIM Card Registration

(Pakistan Ufone Telecom Card Registration Project with our bluetooth fingerprint reader hf7000)

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HFSECURITY fingerprint scanners and mobile terminals has been used in several telecom operators, e.g. Pakistan PTCL/Ufone, Airtel in Tanzania and Nigeria, Halotel/Viettel in Tanzania and Peru, Vodacom, TTCL etc.USB fingerprint devices applied in branches and biometric handheld terminals are for agents. All support ISO19794-2/4 ANSI378 and WSQ template standard.